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Piper Perabo - 1080p film clips of one of the top nude performances of 2012


Gun is an above-average six-episode series made in 1997. The common denominator is one gun and each episode covers one of the scenarios it is found in. No nudity but some sexy well-known women.

Episode 1

Dara Tomanovich

Kathy Ireland

Episode 3

Rosanna Arquette

Episode 4

Jennifer Tilly

Episode 5

Kirsten Dunst


Happy Holidays.  Thought it time to wrap up a long project. 

The video is called and it is a faux documentary of a bunch of comely lasses getting together to start a softcore nekkid website. Throughout the video they maintain the fiction of a documentary by showing us that other cameras are filming the same scene and by doing the interview thing.  No problem with that because, in the end, you more than sorta get what you came for in this fine, fine cinematic achievement.  There are nekkid gals, more than a dozen of em, and they get nekkid for minutes on end. 

The five stars of the show include some veterans and two newcomers.  Two of the veterans are Nicole Martiano (aka Nicole Marciano, Penthouse Pet of the Month for January 2000) and Zoe Paul, who was a model for the Hefmag about a dozen times over the years.  I have sent along a picture from Nicole's Penthouse feature.  She wound up posing for many magazines and websites; if you Google her name you will find she even did some hardcore work for a fetish site or two.  The other veteran is Brandy Miller; she sheds her clothes most often in this video, as she was wont to do in several straight to video releases in the late 1990's.  And then there Karen Chasen, a real cutie, and Laurel Dunne (who has the look and after-market equipment of a stripper) are one-time wonders who complete the quintet.  All but Laurel appear in nekkid scenes during the video; then in the bonus features are separate photoshoots for each of the five and finally the longest scene by far (some ten minutes) has all five of them posing together.  In that prolonged photoshoot you come to appreciate just how good Zoe Paul was at her job.  She makes the camera love her.

Along the way, playing women who pose for the website, are the following: 1) veteran B movie star, Susan Hale; 2) One-time wonder, who calls herself Alice Inchains, and does two lesbian scenes with Brandy Miller; 3) Two models credited as Andrea Kovacs and Karry Brown. They are credited as "nearly nude models" or some such but Andrea gives us a fine view of the holiest of holies and the adjacent territory.  Funny and confusing thing about Andrea is she is a pornstar who performed with the name, Allyson Chaines; so this movie has two women who did or would use the same semi-clever nom de porn; 4) A whole lotta unnamed women who were interviewed or posed at some time during the video.  One of them is recognizable as Katie Lohmann - she would go on to be Hefmate of the month for April 2001. The others are unknown to me, although one (who I labeled model 1) is gorgeous.  IMDB also tells us that scream queen Victoria De Mare is somewhere in this movie but I'll be darned if I could find her.  Finally, two anonymous strippers shed their clothes.

That's the sum total of the bare breasts and bums (and a very occasional full-frontal) in this Lawrence of Arabia of soft-core porn website mockumentaries.  The producers aimed for a special target and hit it dead in the center.

TODAY: part 4 of many: Katie Lohmann


Ein irrer Duft von frischem Heu


aka "A Terrific Scent of Fresh Hay"

At the ripe age of 65 German actress Ursula Werner performed a full nude sex scene in Wolke 9  (2008) aka Cloud 9. While this is of the GILF genre here's much her as a much younger fraulein.

Ursula Werner: full frontal showing her Black Forest.

Sleeping Beauty


Creepy Aussie movie about a university student who prostitutes herself by letting men have their way with her when she's drugged asleep.

Emily Browning: full frontal showing her wallaby.

Total Recall


Various caps from the behind-the-scenes "insight mode": topless Kaitlyn Leeb with 3 hooters, sexbots and prostitutes.

American Psycho


This remake of the 2000 movie is waiting to be greenlit.

Krista Sutton: boob and butt from the Train 48 actress.

Bates Motel

(2013 TV series; preview)

This is prequel to the Hitchcock classic and takes place when a young Norman Bates is growing up  with his mother for whom he has a deep Oedipal Complex. That and being seduced by lecherous older women which explains how he turned out.

Vera Farmiga: sexy as mother.

Keegan Connor Tracy: sexy as older woman.

strippers: obligatory strip club.

How Eunice Got Her Baby

(2009 short)

This short was aired on the CBC over the Xmas holidays as filler when a sporting event started late.

Kate Corbett: brassiere having sex.

Vivien Endicott Douglas: very sexy.


webisode: "Peripeteia"


This web series has been nominated for some prestigious awards.

Alexandra Elle: brassiere after getting raped.

Lea Lawrynowicz & Katherine Fogler: some light lesbian action.

Anais Rozencwajg & Janelle Hanna: sexy in an earlier episode (s2e02).

Anais Rozencwajg: very sexy still from the play "The Treatment".

"Choose Your Victim"

(2012 web series)

Interactive slasher series where not only the viewers can vote on who gets murdered but they can also suggest on what sort of gruesome death the victim meets. Now only if it starred Pauly Shore and a woodchipper is an option.
Jessica Harmon: cleavage in bikini.

various" hot tub from first episode.

Elysia Rotaru: side boob having sex.


Elysia Rotaru: very nice bikini in fake Xbox commercial.

Killers in the Forest

(2012; trailer)
Independent horror still waiting for a DVD release.

Christine Denham: partial boob having sex.

Rochelle Lynn Bowden: nice cleavage as jogger.

Suzy Favor Hamilton

The Smoking Gun has revealed that the three-time U.S. Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton has been moonlighting as a call girl in Las Vegas under the name Kelly Lundy.

Suzy Favor Hamilton aka Kelly Lundy: buns in various escort ads.


Film Clips

Geraldine Martineau Le guetteur (2012) in 1080p

Jessica Morris in Senior Skip Day (2008) in 720p

Laura Tonke in Der Moerder meiner Mutter (1999)


Olivia Wilde photoshoot

Paz de la Huerta photoshoot