Annual "Best Nude Scenes" Poll

Still nothing on Dragon Tattoo. I wanted to get the poll results online on January 1, as per tradition, but to be honest, I'm not. That performance is clearly a top ten contender, possibly even a potential winner, and I want the results to represent the reality of 2011, so I may just break tradition and wait until we find clips from that scene and Carey Mulligan's frontal in Shame. I don't see any real harm in delaying the show for a week or two.

  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


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Trespass is a home invasion thriller where a couple Kyle and Sarah Miller (Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman) are invaded by a group of masked bandits posing as police officers. The bandits want what is in Kyle's over-the-top safe and seeing as though he's a diamond dealer, it's pretty safe to assume there's diamonds and maybe some money. But, Kyle keeps stalling them and trying to make dealing, agitating the bandits. When Kyle finally opens the safe, it is completely empty, which sets off the bandits (led by Ben Mendelsohn and including Cam Gigandet, Dash Mihok and Jordana Spiro) and leads to a mad panic as they scramble to get anything they can. Also, Kyle and Sarah's teenage daughter Avery (Liana Liberato) has snuck out of the house to go to a party and has come home amidst the chaos. Over the night, all of the family's secrets will be unfurled (including that the family is not well off at all and is in heavy debt) as the situation gets more tense and the mad scramble for whatever of value can be found. Typical B-thriller with a surprisingly A-list cast and director which suggests somebody overshot somewhere, but the film ain't half bad. Cage is in form here, bizarrely trying to bargain his way out of everything to the point where he seems to want his own cut of the heist. Kidman is in a rare disposable role, which makes me wonder where her career's going (following on from her blink and you'll miss role in Just Go With It). Good to see Ben Mendelsohn get some Hollywood love again. If I do have a problem with the movie, it is the overall happy ending Hollywood-ness of it, hell, it's very similar to the Bruce Willis vehicle Hostage (also a pretty solid thriller). If this film was made in Europe, you would guarantee it would be a depressing, family members raped and murdered extravaganza ala Secuestrados (a film I'm still getting over...). Maybe somewhere in between would make Trespass a superior thriller instead of a passable timewaster.

Jordana Spiro 1080hd film clip. Collages below. 


Carolina Crescentini in 20 Sigarette (2010) in 1080p

Natasha Diakova in Supreme Champion (2010) in 1080

Sasha Higgins in The Rain (2009) 720p

Karoline Stemre in Vegas (2009) 1080p

Marina de Van and Iliana Lolitch in La promenade (2007) in 720p

Flora Martinez in Tuya Siempre (2007)

Ane Dahl Torp in Svarte Penger (2004)

Kjersti Lid Gullvaag in Svidd Neger (2003) in 720p

Valeria Golino in Storia d'Amore (1986)

Maria Mayenzet in Jagged Edge (1985) in 1080

Glenn Close in Jagged Edge (1985) in 1080


Elske McCain in Jessicka Rabid (2010)

Maria Conchita Alonso (1998) in El Grito en el Cielo

Lynn Whitfield in The Josephine Baker Story (1991)

This is an old Harry Langdon photo of Markie Post which has been colorized. It's not a fake, exactly, but it's not exactly authentic either.