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"Married with Children," Series 2


Episode 2 - Poppy's by the Tree: Part 1

Christina Applegate - plenty of bare midriff

Episode 4 - If I Were a Rich Man

Christina Applegate - looking good

Episode 6 - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Part 1

Lisa Kahofer - nice butt

Episode 9 - Alley of the Dolls

Christina Applegate - still looking good

Episode 10: The Razor's Edge

Amanda Bearse - only half dressed

Episode 11 - How Do You Spell Revenge?

Christina Applegate - brief pokies

Episode 12 - Earth Angel

Christina Applegate - at her sluttiest

Dawn Merrick - very nice

Episode 13 - You Better Watch Out

Christina Applegate - brief upskirt

Episode 16 - Master the Possibilities

Debi A Monahan - lovely cleavage

Christi Allen & Caryn Wells - looking good


Episode 17 - Peggy Loves Al - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Christina Applegate - more sluttiness

Episode 18 - The Great Escape

Christina Applegate - brief upskirt

Teri Weigel - sensational cleavage

Hope Marie Carlton and a couple of others - ready for the gym

Episode 20 - Just Married... with Children

Jessie Scott - lovely




The Starter Wife

More cleavage from Debra Messing in The Starter Wife (2007) episodes 2 and 3.




Dying to Belong

Dying to Belong (1997) is a telemovie

We have Jenna von Oy down to her underwear

and Melissa Pace (l) and Hilary Swank (r) in bikinis.



"Murder, She Wrote"

Some pokies by Kate Vernon in a Murder, She Wrote episode called Alma Murder (1989).



Stolen Youth

Sharon Lawrence

and Katie Wright

are down to their underwear in Stolen Youth aka A Friend's Betrayal (1996).



Carlito's Way - Rise to Power

Most of the topless nudity comes from some strippers (film clip) in Carlito's Way - Rise to Power (2005).

Julie McNiven is one such stripper. (film clip)

Jaclyn De Santis is also topless (film clip).





There's a brief flash of bush by Kimber Riddle in Guy (1997). (film clip)



Sacred Heart

Barbora Bobulova is topless in the Italian movie Sacred Heart aka Cuore sacro (2005).



Fatal Error

Anne Heche looks good in Fatal Error aka Fatal Desire (2006).




2001 Maniacs

Plenty of naked ladies in the gory, bizarre, but fun, 2001 Maniacs (2005).

Topless women include Wendy Kremer (film clip)

Christin Michele and Kodi Kitchen (film clip)

Bianca Smith

Gina Marie Heekin (film clip)


Christa Campbell (film clip)

and Marla Malcolm.

Plus one more film clip.


Pusher II

More naked ladies in the Danish movie Pusher II.

Aino Junka shows us everything as a stripper at a wedding reception!

Maya Ababadjani and Maria Mendoza are a couple of prostitutes.








Love Camp


Jess Franco directed 187 movies, if his profile on IMDb is to taken as gospel. In the 70's and 80's alone he put out 139 films under his own name and those of various aliases (IMDb credits him with more than 20 alternative names). Quite a few of his movies have been reviewed in the pages of the Funhouse and from them one can discern a theme: get of a lot of attractive women, get em nekkid, keep em nekkid (no matter how incongruous is the nekkidness) and have all sorts of bad people do bad things to them while they are nekkid. You could argue that Franco was one sick twist, except that the violence was usually bloodless and seldom gut-wrenching. My take on his style was he set out to give the public what it wanted, which to his mind was good looking women, unclothed and in peril. Not 'xactly my own cup o' tea but in this matter I seem to be in the minority.

Anywho, Frauen in Liebeslager, aka Love Camp (1977) is the distilled essence of Jess Franco's style of filmmaking. Story goes that a bunch of revolutionaries in some jungle-filled third world country abduct a bunch of women to serve as sex slaves for the fighting men on their side. They hit a brothel (good thinking there) and pick up a pair of working gals played by Monika Kaelin and Brigitte Meyer (not to be confused with the Euro-pornstar, Bridget Maier). But then, as if at random, they grab a waifish virgin played by Esther Studer and a mid-thirties bride, played by Ada Tauler. And they just have to grab the town lesbian, played by Monica Swinn. Off into the jungle they go, to a camp run by a sadistic blue-eyed blonde (Nanda Van Bergen) in the services of the revolutionary commander, who is also blonde and blue-eyed. So I am figuring these are the unexplored jungles of East Fresia. The camp commandant and the commander of the whole shebang both have eyes for Ada Tauler, so you have the girl-boy-girl triangle thing. And the lesbian gal wants to make it with the virgin. The latter resists until she is employed in the services of fat, hairy commandoes, at which point she begins to bat from the other side of the plate. Three gals escape but are caught. Two are dragged back to camp but Ada's character returns willingly because she and the commando commander have this thang goin', ya' know.

All that stuff is the maguffin for shower scenes (two of them), girl-girl scenes, girl-boy scenes, topless conversations, a catfight, a whipping scene, a topless firing squad scene (in which both the condemned and the members of the firing squad are topless) and a whole lotta running through the jungle with the hooties a-bouncin' every which way. Seventy-nine minutes of running time and I am guessing seventy of them have at least one topless or fully nekkid woman in it. This one more than sorta delivers on the promise offered by Jess Franco's name on the cover.

A few words about the actresses in this boob-fest.

  • Monika Kaelin would go on to be Penthouse Pet of the month for May 1980. In the three years between her appearance in Love Camp and in the pages of Penthouse, she would slim down and take on a much more feminine appearance.
  • In Love Camp, Esther Studer approached the end of a film career in which she played the fragile waif who got both nekkid and abused on a regular basis.
  • Then there is Ada Tauler. IMDb has her starring in a 1959 film directed by Jess Franco that translates as We are Eighteen Years Old. Since Ada looks like a remarkably in-shape mid-thirties gal in Love Camp, logic suggests she was one of the 18-year-olds back in the '59 flick. I guess that means she might have had a serious career for a while, during which she was known as Adela Tauler. Her last three or four films, however, are pure Jess Franco exploitation movies. Love Camp would the penultimate, with only Voodoo Passion to cap her career as an actress. There is not an inch of her that escapes the light of day in this movie. She is topless or completely naked in each of her 21 scenes in Love Camp. Almost half the 79-minute running time of this movie has Ada revealing some goodies. You want topless? Check. You want full-frontal standing up?  Check. You want full-frontal lying down? Double Check. You want her sport-humpin'a guy? Yep. And a gal? Oh yes. The last of her girl-girl scenes has her rolling around, on top of Nanda, who obliges by tugging on Ada's tuche to give us a nice view of her holiest of holies. Thing goes for more than a minute and Ada's rumpus is something to behold despite her mid-thirties age. Damn, I love that scene.

This is the first batch of caps and clips. Many more to follow. Today's group just features Ada Tauler.

I should mention that clips 16 and 17 are among the best of Ada's performance. Clip 16 has her full frontal while speaking to equally nude Monika Kaelin and Brigitte Meyer, whereas clip 17 is the one in which Jess whipped out the gynocam on Ada.

BTW, congrats on another year's wonders. Ah, The Funhouse...what would the world be without it?

Ada Tauler

Scoop's notes on the videos:

There are two options here. You can choose to download all the videos (208 meg!), which includes all r-rated and x-rated, or only #16 and #17 (19 meg), which is just the x-rated and frontal portion. Don't download both. If you make the first download, it already includes the second.










The Teacher


Today the Time Machine goes back for the movie in which Angel Tompkins provides us with lots of T & A as she seduces Dennis the Menace." This one is full of lousy acting so the nudity is the only highlight. Come to think of it, Jay North couldn't act a lick in the TV series either.


Angel Tompkins







Notes and collages


(The Garden)

Part 1 of 3

Melanie Griffith









It's an elegant manor house in England on the brink of WWII, and a bratty young girl, Briony (Saoirse Ronan) has a crush on the maid's son, Robbie (James McAvoy). Briony gets mad when she discovers Robbie is attracted to her older sister, Cecilia (Keira Knightley), who returns the affection. With her heart broken, Briony bears false witness against Robbie during an unusual sexual situation, punishing the young man to prison and soon to the front lines of the war. Years later, Briony, now a nurse (Romola Garai), feels guilty and tries to make amends.


Keira Knightley







Touch & Go


Light romance released to DVD in Canada a few weeks ago. No (female) nudity but Patricia Zentilli shows partial boob in silhouette.




 season 2

The DVD box set is only available in France via and the only English-language option is a French soundtrack with english subtitles. No (female) nudity but Patricia Zentilli

and Kristina Pesic are both sexy.



"Masters of Science Fiction"

(mini series)

From the makers of Masters of Horror but seriously toned down as it aired on ABC and even then only 4 of the 6 episodes aired.The only nudity is by Gina Chiarelli in "The Discarded" episode as a mutant with see-through skin.



"Across the Road to Motor City"

 (mini series)

Short Canadian miniseries that just concluded recently.

Inna Korobkina (best known as the zombie mother from  Dawn of the Dead) plays a nude model

Jessica Greco is shown in 1960s era bra and panties

and Talia Russo plays a hooker having fully clothed sex.





Dark comedy starring Frank "Herb Talek" Bonner.

Partial boob by Martine Charron

while Tamara Bick is topless.



"Smart Woman Survival Guide"

(TV series)


Canadian female comedy series.

Joanne Alderson

Laura McLean

and Siobhan Murphy

are shown in their underwear in various episodes, especially in episode "Their Cup Runneth Over."

You may remember Joanne Alderson in her key role as the vomit girl in American Pie Presents the Naked Mile who gets very nipply under her wet t-shirt.



American Pie Presents: Beta House


In the end credits bodybuilder model Tatania Anderson is shown posing in bikini. Not what I prefer but her biceps should come in handy for crushing beer cans and beer kegs.



"Jon Dore Show": episode "Fit"

In this episode Jon Dore has to lose weight for a nude role in a porn movie. The sexy liposuction nurses are Suzie Vera (brunette), Tara Yelland (redhead) and Kate Steen (the incredibly stacked blonde) while in the last frame Ashley Wolstat is the porn actress. No (female) nudity.



Road to Christmas

(2006) (TV)

One of the many Xmas movies to air over the holiday. In this one Ingrid Hart plays a santa-themed underwear model.



The Slave Huntress

(2007) (V)

One of the better recent Czechploation releases from Deny Moore aka Zuzana Presova shows her coochie.



Feuer, Eis & Dosenbier


German schnitzel ski comedy who's title roughly translates into "Fire, Ice and a Dose of Beer". For some reason many of the ski bunnies are played by models from the Czech Republic (must be down there to star in some german bondage and sheister videos).

Eva Aichmajerova & Marketa Pokorna

Susana Spears







A film clip of Connie Booth in Romance with a Double Bass (1974). Based on a Chekhov short story, this 40-minute film starred Booth and her husband John Cleese. Booth, recognizable to Americans as the attractive woman from Fawlty Towers, was married to Cleese for a decade and appeared in small roles throughout many of the Monty Python sketches. At age 56, she started training for a second career as a psychotherapist, and she is now practicing that profession!

A film clip of Corina Toader in Shadow Man

Avril Lavigne shoots a moon on "Ed the Sock", albeit not quite a full moon.

A brief film clip of Kelly Harrison in Marion Again