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Jayne Mansfield's Car

2012, 1920x1080

Frances O'Connor

Melody Smith

Katherine LaNasa


Cougar Town

Cougar Town is a sitcom set in a fictional Florida town of Gulfhaven. It is focussed on Jules Cobb, played by Courteney Cox, her family and friends. From a FH point of view, there’s no nudity but lots of cleavage, and partially-dressed and sexy women. These caps are from the first and second seasons and were made in 2009 - 2011.

Series 2 Episode 1 All Mixed Up (2010)

Courteney Cox

Series 2 Episode 12 A Thing About You (2011)

Courteney Cox

Series 2 Episode 16 Baby's a Rock 'N' Roller (2011)

Busy Philipps

Strange Angel


Allegra Masters



Cam is a thriller where Alice (Madeline Brewer), who as a cam girl goes by the name Lola, is quickly rising up the charts and about the reach the top 50. She is desperate to rise up the ladder and isn't above stunts like faking her own death. After being dealt a blow by a rival who makes her goes down the ladder, Alice breaks one of her rules and does a dual show with a friend. The next morning, Alice finds the she is locked out of her account and it seems to have been taken over by her exact doppelganger as if nothing has changed. Alice goes spare trying to stop her doppelganger and attempts to get to the bottom of this but it has the drawback of her mother (Melora Walters) finding out. As she digs deeper, she finds that her fans and not as loyal or as kind as they seem behind a computer screen and she decides to resort to desperate measures to retrieve her identity.

Decent thriller about what happens when your online identity begins to take over from your real identity although it doesn't really explain the reasoning behind why it happens, suggesting that a different direction to a more straightforward identity theft thriller was first floated. It would certainly explain why Jessica Parker Kennedy randomly turns up for two scenes, never to be mentioned again. Madeline Brewer throws herself thoroughly into the role of a cam girl that she's very convincing and quite unnerving during the more violent scenes which adds far more to the film than expected. Not a bad little movie if you're looking for something decent on Netflix.

Madeline Brewer film clips (collages below)

Louise Monot in Girl on a Bicycle (2013) in 1080hd

Julia Schacht in Naboer (2005) in 1080hd

Virginia Madsen in Class (1983) in 1080hd

Porizkova, 2018