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Black Venus


A little "Babe in Bondage" action for today from "Black Venus" with 1979's Miss Bahamas Lolita Armbrister, appearing as the title character under the name Josephine Jacqueline Jones. Caps and a clip.

Scoop's note: a 2004 article about Lolita in a Bahamas newspaper. I don't know which unnamed senator she had an affair with, but the unnamed actor she married (briefly) was Leon Isaac Kennedy, the same guy who was married to Jayne Kennedy.



TV Land

Over in TV Land Jennifer Aniston is all leggy visiting Conan on the Tonight Show. Jen is like fine wine she just keeps getting better with age. Caps and a HD clip.






Griffin Drew in Emmanuelle 2000

Shauna O'Brien

Holly Sampson


Film Clips