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One more from the Nic Cage movie. Emily Patrick almost shows everything playing the part of "Porn Girl on a porn set"

1080 film clip of Emily Patrick

Emily Patrick:


Adult star Carolyn Monroe has done over 150 movies since getting into "the biz" back in 1989. She's doing fewer movies these days, but is amazingly still working. Here she is doing her thing in scenes from "Confessions of an Adult Film Star 2"

From the 1990 Harrison Ford Crime/Thriller "Presumed Innocent" is Greta Scacchi showing off her bod in two scenes

2 clips of Greta Scacchi

Sample Stills

Pussycat Dolls babe Nicole Scherzinger doing her thing onstage while stuffed into a skin tight outfit

Pint sized 'family friendly' actress/pop star Hilary Duff looking very sexy in black.

"I Kissed a Girl" singer Katy Perry barely keeping the twins covered up during a recent performance.

Here is former Baywatch babe Gena Lee Nolin showing some partial breast views in scenes from her other TV series "Sheena".

Gena Lee Nolin clip

Sample stills

Here is photographer/actress/brother of "The Boss", Pamela Springsteen in a brief topless scene from 1988's "Dixie Lanes"

Pamela Springsteen video clip

Sample Stills

Here's a clip of Japanese AV star Kaera Uehara going full frontal in a masturbation scene from "The Forbidden Legend".

Here's a clip of Chelsea Richards and Melissa Reed pretty much just standing around topless in scenes from the Direct-to-DVD horror flick "Feast II: Sloppy Seconds". "Feast II" is the sequel to "Feast" which many may remember was the film developed for Season 3 of "Project Greenlight" (and was actually a pretty good genre flick). The sequel lacks the great B-movie cast (Balthazar Getty, Henry Rollins, Krista Allen), but apparently makes up for that by adding comedy and more twisted gore. Viewers seemed to like it well enough that a third installment is set to premiere on DVD in February.

A clip of Brit babe Joanna Taylor topless in a shower scene from the direct-to-vid flick "Post Impact"

Céline Samie baring all in a scene from the French movie "Promis... juré!" (1987).

2 clips of Nicollette_Sheridan looking pretty darn good in her undies while doing a little dance in a scene from "Code Name: The Cleaner".

Uma Thurman doing some sun bathing (sorry, folks there is a bikini) in a scene from the unfortunately not-quite-good-enough sequel to "Get Shorty", 2005's "Be Cool".