"Hideous Kinky"

Hideous Kinky (1999) was characterized by Junior as "mega-boring," and Scoop, as I recall, was not very impressed either. Kate Winslett takes her two daughters from London, where her long time boyfriend moved on to another woman, and goes to Marrakech on a "hippy' Odyssey to discover herself and expose her girls to the world. Even as an idealist in Morocco, however, lack of funds is a major bummer. She ends up in an affair with a local, Said Taghmaoui, and when he gets in trouble at work, the four of them take a road trip.

The film is mostly about the relationships among Winslett and her two daughters, and so is a character driven drama. Viewers are divided as to the merit of the film, but everyone agrees on two points. Winslett was very good in the part, and the cinematography is marvelous, capturing Morocco perfectly. Winslett shows breasts in a sex scene with Taghmaoui, and I included several non-nude images to show the beautiful camera work.

IMDB readers say 6.1 out of 10, with 6.7 from women 1-18 and 45 plus, and 6.9 from women 18 to 29. This indicates some chick flick appeal. My guess is that women identify with a woman trying to find fulfillment, while raising two daughters in difficult circumstances. Berardinelli and Ebert both award three stars.Rotten Tomatoes shows the disagreement over the film, with a 58% positive overall, but 100% from top critics. I personally liked the film, but related to the "hippy" theme, and frequently like character driven films anyway, but the proper score is probably C+ as a character driven chick flick.

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    "The Grifters"

    The Grifters (1990) was made using B film noire as a starting point. The film is a made from the novel of the same name by Donald E. Westlake, which is set in the 50's. The film is more ambiguous about the era. John Cusack is a short term small con grifter. His mother, Angelica Huston, does layoff betting for a huge bookie at tracks around the country. Cusack is seeing Annette Bening, who is also a grifter, but more of a long term con person, used to working as part of a team. We are introduced to all three characters simultaneously at the start of the film, because, although the plot line seems to be about the Cusack character, it is really about the women.

    Cusack tries to con a bartender out of $10.00. The bar tender caught him at it, and shoved a baseball bat into his stomach, causing internal injuries. Huston is in California to place bets at Del Mar, stops to see him, and realizes that he is seriously injured. Using her connections, she gets him into a hospital. It is there that she meets, and instantly hates Bening. In fact, that cat fighting is so good, you feel like they are battling the entire film. Huston misses a bet taking care of her son, and is in big trouble with the bookie. I will leave the plot there, in case some of you have not seen it.

    Bening shows everything, including a full frontal. The nudity is very dark, but very nice. IMDB readers have it at 7.2 of 10. Ebert awarded four stars, and Rotten Tomatoes shows 89% overall, with 100% from top critics. Both Being and Huston were nominated for Oscars. In fact, there was not a bad performance in the entire film. This is a very good noire -- so good, in fact, that many who do not usually enjoy the genre like this one. B.

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    The Tuna Archives

    As part of looking for older projects begging to be redone, I am overhauling the Tuna archive. Several projects were unavailable due to typos on my part, but far more were unavailable in recent versions of Internet Explorer because IE no longer supports foreign alphabets. So far, the first half, 1 through M has been updated. While I am at it, I am editing some projects that are not worth redoing, but can be improved, so many of them look far better in the archive than when they first appeared in Fun House. Examples are:

    My Tutor
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    If anyone sees anything in the first half of the Tuna archive that doesn't work, please let me know, and tell me what browser you are trying with. While looking through the archive, if you see any projects you would like to see me redo, also let me know.

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    I always thought that Harley Jane Kozak was a fox, but there is not much skin in her career. Here she is showing one quick nipple in the cinema masterpiece Side Out, the 2x2 volleyball movie which featured real tour pros playing themselves, their performances shamefully neglected by the Oscar committee.

    Here she may be in an episode of Dream On. You'll note that Señor Piel marked this with a question mark, and I echo his doubts, although I have never heard of that show using body doubles.

    Also from Herr Haut - a bit of classic nudity. Natalie Wood in Splendor in the Grass. (1, 2, 3) This may not seem like much today, but it was pure sizzle in 1961. That tells you a lot about the era in which I grew up, unfortunately. I did not see Splendor when it came out, and would not see any nudity in a film until 1963, when I saw Romy Schneider in a brief USA arthouse run of a European film called Boccaccio '70. My friend and I snuck in to see that movie. My mom drove us to another nearby theater, ostensibly to see a different film, and we ran around the corner to see Romy do her thing, then ran back to the other theater so that we'd be hanging around outside when my mom picked us up. Romy, who must have been my first love in one sense or another, died very young, aged only 43, of a heart attack which was probably brought on by realizing that I had seen her naked.

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    'Caps and comments by Hankster:

    Yesterday we gave you Corinne Clery in 1977's "Hitch-Hike", today we give you even more of the "O" girl (check out Dann's caps from yesterday). Today we see bad guy David Hess as he continues to torment Corinne in front of her tied up husband, finally taking her in a campsite fire scene. The last cap shows a stark naked Corinne after she has shot our rogue hitchhiker.

    'Caps and comments by Spaz:

    "King Frat" (1979) is a blatant rip-off of Animal House except with gratuitous fart and piss jokes. One of the video nasties: very expensive, hard to find, and no DVD.

    • Teri Kelso: topless changing in dorm room. If this scene looks familiar to you, it's a direct rip-off from Animal House except the peeper is a guy in a gorilla suit instead of John Belushi.
    • Teri Kelso:cleavage and flash of bush having sex in back of ambulance.
    • Teri Kelso:topless in emergency room after being stuck to guy in the throes of passion. Such an incident showing up in an emergency room is an urban legend like the famous gerbil story.
    • Suzina Volpina: very skimpy outfit.
    • Rahnee Reiland: butt and boobs in covert change room movie. Later in underwear with Sally Ricca. She posed of hefmag a year later as a honky tonk girl.
    • Tommie Grimstad: full frontal at costume party as Lady Godiva.
    • Starr Dey: upskirt during fart contest.
    • Karen Gold: bendover during fart contest. Looks like Geena Davis.

    Kate Winslet A young, beautiful and full frontally nude Kate in scenes from "Jude".

    Keeley Hawes Gorgeous toplessness from the UK actress in scenes from "Complicity" (2000).

    Kerry Fox Breasts and bush in the controversial and sex-filled French movie "Intimacy" (2000).

    María Esteve The Spanish actress topless in scenes from "Hombres felices" (2001).

    Marine Delterme Nude in the shower. Scenes from the movie "Te quiero" (2001).

    Maruschka Detmers The Dutch actress goes topless and shows some serious bush in scenes from "Prénom Carmen" (1983).

    Diane Lane
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

    Excellent upskirt views and toplessness in scenes from her Golden Globe nominated performance in "Unfaithful". 'Caps by Mr. Nude Celeb.

    Carla Bruni
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

    More excellent scans by Marsie from the December '94 issue of the French Photo magazine. These all feature the supermodel topless.

    Anna Nicole Smith Believe it or not, once upon a time, the white trash queen of basic cable looked good.

    Mathilda May
    Sophie Broustal

    From the French movie "Toutes peines confondues" (1992). Broustal is topless and May goes full frontal.

    Assorted nekkid babes

    'caps and comments by Dann:

    The 1968 movie "The Rape Of The Vampire" is billed as the "first French vampire film", but there's a lot more to it.

    The film started out as a short, then expanded to a full-length feature by simply bringing back to life a bunch of the characters that were killed off in the middle (which was actually the end of the original). Hey, it's a vampire film so what not?

    Director Jean Rollin threw in existentialism, vampirism, and chaos; heavy on the chaos because half the time you're gonna be wondering what the hell is going on.

    One redeeming quality is that, aside from a lot of nudity, the black and white photography is absolutely beautiful, and even off the old master, the DVD quality is good, and the photography very enjoyable. The language on the DVD is French with English sub-titles but that's not really a problem, because there's very little dialog, and what there is makes little sense anyway.