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A note from Tuna...

Temporarily out of order.

I have angered the hardware gods, and am searching for a virgin to sacrifice. If anyone has a magic wand, please e-mail it to me :-)

Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)

It's that time again

Vote here for the best movie nude scene of 2001

We included feature-length movies, whether theatrical, or straight-to-something. We may or may not do series nudity later, depending on enthusiasm.


Speaking of Annual Bests

USA Today picked its top 10 films for 2001

  1. Ghost World

  2. Shrek

  3. Gosford Park

  4. Monster's Ball

  5. Divided We Fall

  6. Black Hawk Down

  7. Mulholland Drive

  8. Amelie

  9. The Circle

  10. A Beautiful Mind

USA Today picked the top DVD's as well. Tuna and I would certtainly agree with most of their choices, especially Lawrence of Arabia, the Godfather Box, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, all of which combine worthwhile movies with strong special features. As Tuna pointed out, Snow White was probably the DVD of the year.

USA Today picked Freddy Got Fingered as the worst film of 2001. 

IMDb's lowest rated titles of the year

  • theatrical movie: Glitter

  • cable or TV movie: Teenage Caveman

  • straight-to-vid: Vercingetorix (based on Caesar's Gallic Wars, with Klaus Maria Brandeur as Julius Caesar, Christopher Lambert as the leader of the Gauls)

Roger Ebert scored the following four stars in 2001. (Links lead to his reviews)

James Berardinelli scored the following four stars in 2001. (Links lead to his reviews)

The only film to appear in both of their lists is In the Bedroom


Charlie's site is updated

There is a new encyclopedia volume for: Laura Antonelli, including four from Dr Popaul, the legendary biopic of the family physician who took time out from his practice to create the Pocket Fisherman. It took him nearly 30 years of development, starting with the impractical and unsuccessful Desktop Fisherman, shrinking it down to Laptop size, then to the eventual Pocket model that would made him rich and famous, and the toast of the angling world.

We owe him so much.

Damned if I know what that movie is really about.

All new 'caps and comments by ICMS....

Here is my last contribution for this year. Since Tuna is now doing a region 2 PAL DVD imported from the UK, let me do an all regions NTSC disk imported from North America. It sure looks like those DVD's are travelling all over the world. The DVD I am referring to is the 1974 no budget film "I spit on your corpse" aka. "Girls for Rent".

In this movie 4 actresses show at least their breasts. Best known is probably Georgina Spelvin, the porn star's only main stream flick. According to producer Sam Sherman in the audio commentary, she said during a scene in a hot desert to director Al Adamson : "This is much too hard work, I'm going back to fuck films". Unfortunately she didn't show that much in this film. The black girl you see in the collages is Rosalind Miles (Shaft's big score) who refused to do a nude shower scene and who didn't have much of a career afterwards.

  • Georgina Spelvin (1, 2)

    Rosalind and Georgina play a murder duo who are after the innocent and lovely Susan McIver. She was a Ding-a-ling girl on Dean Martin's TV-show and also had a part in Smokey and the Bandit. Sam Sherman said she was a nice, sweet girl who could really act and wonders why she never got any bigger parts in better productions. I totally agree with Sam, she's a real cutie, hence the 5 collages I did. Apparently she married well and left the movie business around 1985.

  • Susan McIver (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

    We also have a scene in which hotel masseuse Mikel James shows what she's made of and Tallie Cochrane as a hitchhiker who steals Susan's car, is brutally slain by our duo.

  • Tallie Cochrane
  • Mikel James (1, 2)

    Considering the fact that this drive-in movie was made on a very low budget, director Al Adamson, who was murdered in his home in the Nineties, didn't do a bad job at all. Although there are a few dead moments there's still plenty of action and nudity and the ending is somewhat surprising too. The DVD has a few extra's, the most interesting being the audio commentary by Sam Sherman.

    Now I'll move on to a big budget movie from France, namely "Belphégor, le fantôme du Louvre". "A cult film for all audiences" it said on the DVD jacket. I should have known that Sophie Marceau wasn't going to show much, but this is really deceiving, as is the movie. There is less plot than in Tomb Raider, but at least that film was well made. Here only the music score is excellent. The script is poor and well known actors like Sophie Marceau, Michel Serrault and Julie Christie are completely lost. The meager plot is that the ghost of an ancient mummy in the Louvre takes possession of Sophie Marceau and the good girl has to get rid off that ghost. The rest is all special effects, like in a downtoned "The Mummy", and nightly strolls through the Louvre, only possible because there's something wrong with the alarm system in the film ! The only effect this movie had on me was that I felt like driving to Paris and visit the Louvre again. It's much more interesting than this flick and it would give me the opportunity to spend my last French francs before the euro comes.

  • Sophie Marceau

    To conclude I caught a nude Ángela Molina on Italian TV in the Italian-Hungarian movie "La sposa era bellissima" (the bride was very beautiful).

  • Ángela Molina

    Happy New Year to all!

  • Hankster

    Set the Way Back Machine to 1971 for today's Babes in Bondage!

    First up, Judy Brown tied down and menaced with a snake and Pat Woodell suspended and whipped in scenes from "The Big Doll House".

  • Judy Brown (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  • Pat Woodell (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

    For today's "Hankster Lite" we have Shannon Elizabeth topless in deleted scenes from "Dish Dogs".

  • Shannon Elizabeth (1, 2, 3, 4)


  • Amber Smith topless in "Tell Me No Lies". (1, 2, 3, 4)

  • Helcrom
    As many Fun Housers know, Helcrom was one of the orignal 'cappers of Skinemax material. Today he offers up another great batch of robo-hooters and pseudo sex from the straight-to-video and cable genres.

    First up...from the terrible Dario Argento movie "Phantom of the Opera".

  • Asia Argento, brief topless sighting and bare bum views.
  • Kitty Keri, topless, but she wont's exaclty be winninh any beauty contests.
  • Nadia Rinaldi, a plus sized woman baring some breast.

    Next, lot's of goodies from the 1990 Andy Sidaris masterpiece, "Guns".

  • Cynthia Brimhall big ol' robo-hooters and nice thong views.
  • Devin DeVasquez, the former Hefbabe showing some excellent rear nudity and going topless.
  • Kym Malin and Donna Spangler topless and oil rasslin'. Kym of course is another former Hefbabe, Sidaris regular and has co-starred in two Fun House favorites..."Road House" and "Joysticks"!
  • Dona Speir, toplessness and thong views.
  • Roberta Vasquez, one more former rabbit bares her breasts.

    "Teenage Caveman"...Larry Clark's contribution to October's Creature Features on Cinemax. Chock full of bad teen acting and plenty of teen nudity.

  • Crystall Grant, topless and in undies.
  • Hayley Keenan, a very cute topless redhead.
  • Tiffany Limos, topless and thong views.
  • Tara Subkoff, also topless.

    From the Euro-flick "Zombie" (1980)

  • Olga Karlatos, toplessness plus brief frontal and rear nudity.
  • Gay Auretall, topless scuba diving and some thong views.

  • Nicnac
    First up...the names you know.

  • Amy Jo Johnson, the Pink Ranger on top and topless in a far off love scene from "Pursuit of Happiness".

    "Savage Streets" is an 80's exploitation flick staring Linda Blair. How can you tell it's an explotation flick? Well some might say it's Linda's gratuitous bath tub scene, or maybe the gratuitous prolonged rape scene. Ok, those are decent signs but...the one sure fire way to know this is an exploitation flick is stars Dean Wormer.

  • Linda Blair demonstrates her bouyancy.
  • Linnea Quigley, topless and far off frontal nudity in a rape scene.
  • Rebecca Perle, showing off her very nice big'uns.
  • Suzanne Slater, another busty babe forced to go topless.

  • Barbara Crampton, the B-movie favorite in topless scenes from "Kidnapped". Movie trivia fans who have always wondered whatever happened to the guy from "American Werewolf in London" (aka the Dr. Pepper guy)...well this movie is one of his many pit stops on the road to Obsurity.

  • Barbara Hershey shows some far off goodies in "The Stunt Man". Tuna and Scoop both made 'caps of this movie that are worth checking out if you're a Hershey fan. Click here to read their reviews.

    Here's one most guys have at least kinda heard of...Cindy Hopkins plays the very nekkid female lead in the 1972 classic "Flesh Gordon".

  • Cindy Hopkins, the only B missing is bum. (1, 2, 3)

    Next stop... Obscurity. Population: these guys.

    From up, nudity from a movie with complete no-names..."Sloane".

  • Debra Blee, bares a nice breast in a brief scene.
  • Ann Milhench looks like she belongs in a Hankster movie. Breasts, partial bum and pubes, plus some bondage.

  • April Dawn Dollarhide, breif toplessness in her last movie role, playing the huge part of "Terrified Girl" in scenes from "Dark Vengeance" aka "Warlords 3000".

  • Cristen Kauffman, topless and rear nudity from "Jailbait: Betrayed by Innocence". A movie that Barry Bostwick, Isaac Hayes, and Paul Sorvino all try to forget. (1, 2, 3)

  • Delphine Zentout all 3 B's from the French movie "36 fillette". (1, 2)

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