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The annual poll for the most popular nude scenes returns for the 16th year in a row. (I just wrote my 20th consecutive Christmas Day page. The site itself turns 20 in November.)

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Lie With Me


The 1080hd version of Lauren Lee Smith in this nudity classic will cover many days. Today's section contains the first two videos and all of the still captures.

Kingdom Come


Saw-type Kafkaesque horror from the director of Devil Seed, filmed in the London, Ontario area, using much of the local talent.

The first are the "victims":

Stephanie Capeling: boob and butt,

Margarita Giliadov: almost full frontal (she modeled on the Canadian Dragon's Den)

Madison Crocker: full frontal.

cast: the above covering up with towels.

LINK: Note - these are not anonymous actresses

Next are the “gatekeepers”, all topless:

Kat Krawczukt: the Ellen Degeneres gatekeeper.

Korinne Goudreau: the purple haired gatekeeper.

Emily Deruytter: the brunette gatekeeper featured on the movie poster.

Katherine Prentice: the blonde gatekeeper.

The rest of the cast:

Chelsey Marie: sexy.

Katie Uhlman: sexy in wet schoolgirl uniform.

Kirsten Comerford: cleavage.


Kat Krawczukt aka nudie model Lady Katastrophic: full frontal, light lesbian, pregnant nude, and some gyno-cam views.

Corner Gas: The Movie


Recent movie sequel to the CTV series. Shown briefly in theatres, then released to DVD, then aired on television. All within a month.

Gabrielle Miller: sexy.

Karen Holness: cleavage.

"Lost Girl"

(TV series, s5e02)

Zoie Palmer: brassiere having the female version of a wet dream.

Hannah Anderson: lesbian action with Anna Silk. For that icky David Cronenberg factor they're playing stepmother and stepdaughter.


(2013 short)

Hannah Anderson: bikini.

Joanna Haughton: bikini.


(die series, die s2e12)

Great first time topless nudity by the Canadian actress from Stargate Universe. Series currently only available in Germany, Schadenfreude!

Elyse Levesque

Lie to Me

(2012 short)

Athena Metallinos: nude sex scene but showing nothing.

Danielle Pollari: cleavage fully clothed sex.

"Republic of Doyle"

(TV series, series finale, s6e10)

Marthe Bernard: sexy in wedding dress.

"Mohawk Girls"

(TV series, s2e01)

Brittany LeBorgne: nice cleavage changing.


(TV series, s4e06)

Jessica Matten: brassiere getting dressed.

Lindsay Maxwell: sexy as very frisky stripper.

Samantha Brownlee: bikini top as barmaid.

stripper: crotch shot poledancing.


This is missing from last Sunday's edition.

cast: Vanessa Tavares, unknown skinnidipper and other unidentified castmembers.

Last but not least...

Mikaela Bisson: she's the daughter of Yannick Bisson of Murdoch's Mysteries. This pic is from her Twitter account.

TV and Film Clips

Petra Morze in Alles Fleisch Ist Gras (2014)

Maaike Neuville in Goltzius and the Pelican Company in 1080p (2012, not seen until this year)

Angela Denton and Brigid Macaulay in Found (2012) in 720p



Anais Demoustier in Living On Love Alone (2010) in 720p

Klara Issova in Operace Silver A (2007)

Lori Dawn Messuri in Gedo (aka "Fatal Blade"; 2000)
(poor quality - looks like an upsized VHS print)


Deborah Ann Woll at the Rome Film festival

She seemed to be braless, but was apparently wearing some giant nipple patches.

These are the actual pictures:

These pictures have been artificially illuminated by Photoshop techniques:

various women in Adieu au langage