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"The Sopranos"



Jennifer Albano

Lo Contrario Al Amor


Johnny's comments:

Lo Contrario al Amor is a romantic comedy where Merce (Adriana Ugarte), a massage therapist (not what you're thinking...), is told by a clairvoyant that she will meet a man and fall in love. But, Merce does not want this as she thinks that love turns her into a terrible person. After getting stuck in an elevator with her celebrity sister Loreto (Guadalupe Lancho), she is rescued by three firemen, all of whom take a shine to Merce and all end up going on a date with her. She likes Raúl (Hugo Silva) the most and begins a relationship with him, but all of her old traits start to come back and the relationship begins to have difficulties. Meanwhile, her sister Loreto makes a comeback hosting a late-night quiz show. Coupled with a growing love for cocaine, this is not going to go well. Also, the two firemen that missed out on Merce's affections discover something about themselves.

While Lo Contrario al Amor is a fairly stock standard romantic comedy, there's a lot of focus on how a relationship between two opposites would work. Yeah, it ends as they all do, but the movie at least challenges the conventions. But the most bizarre thing about this movie is that the two firemen that lost out in the chase for Merce turn out to have affections for one another, seemingly without having gay feelings before. I don't know what's going there, seems a bit far fetched to me.

And I've got to say, Adriana Ugarte is fast becoming one of my faves, really love seeing her in movies and her scene from Combustion will be high up on my end of year list.

Adriana Ugarte film clip (collage below)

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