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Van Wilder


Today we have HD caps and a clip of Ivana Bozilovic topless and sexy in this funny clip from "Van Wilder".



TV Land

Then, over in TV Land, MILF Kathie Lee Giffford is still looking hot as she visits Jimmy Kimmel. Caps and an HD clip.





American Pie Presents: The Book of Love


Eventually, even the best series runs out of steam, and American Pie Presents: The Book of Love, seventh in the American Pie franchise, is a good example of that. The good news is that they included some nice nudity in this 2009 effort. The bad news is that they made the movie at all. It is barely funny in just a few places, and overall pretty lame.

The plot is set 10 years after the original story, and three high-school virgins are determined to correct their problem. They manage to strike out even with the so-called "easy" girls in school. In search of a solution, they discover the Bible, a book compiled by classmates since the 70's to guide newer generations in how to get laid. Unfortunately, it is damaged, and incomplete advice leads to disaster after disaster.

It's a harmless enough typical teen comedy, and the plot is as good as most of this genre, but they just didn't pull it off well. Many of the actresses look way too old for their parts, and generally, it just came off as lame instead of funny. The nudity is nice, though. The caps are from the Blu-ray version.


Beth Behrs Jennifer Holland Jessica Drake
Melanie Papalia Taryn Johnston others

"Wind at My Back"

episode "My Beautiful Mom" (s3e03)

Cynthia Belliveau: Cynthia Belliveau aka Miss Mona Lott shows some bare thigh while posing for a 1930s newspaper. It seems that back then revealing bare thigh above the stocking was just as scandalous as a woman revealing her cooter by wearing a short skirt with no underwear today.

"Cra$h & Burn"

tv series, episodes 4-6

Inna Korobkina: uncensored sex scene in episode 4

Pamela Mars: topless but wearing pasties in episode 4

various: party girls in episode 4

Caroline Cave: side boob in episode 5

Caroline Becker: side boob as stripper in episode 6

Inna Korobkina: bra and panties in episode 6

Sima Fisher: sexy as masseuse in episode 6

Talia Russo: sexy as tripper in episode 6

masseuse: unidentified actress topless in episode 6

"The Border III"

"Dying Art" (s3e09)

Mylene Robic and Nathalie Toriel show a lot of cleavage.

Mylene Robic

Nathalie Toriel

"Being Erica"

episode: "What Comes Up Must Come Down" (s2e11)

Erin Karpluk and Mary Dawson show some bare back having massage.

Erin Karpluk

Mary Dawson

episode "The Importance of Being Erica" (s2e12)

Erin Karpluk, Reagan Pasternak and Leigh Bowen are sexy in leotards

Erin Karpluk

Reagan Pasternak

Leigh Bowen

"Paradise Falls"

season 3, episode 17

Meredith McGeachie and Michelle Latimer finally have some lesbian sex but are only shown in their brassieres.

Meredith McGeachie

Michelle Latimer


"Power Play"

Hoser hockey tv series from a decade ago starring Michael Riley now best known as Dr. Tom in Being Erica.

Lori Alter: boobs almost busting out of her tight sweater

Krista Bridges: black teddy doing it with Dr. Tom

Kari Matchett: tight sweater



episode 11

Erin Nicole Davis: very sexy. You can catch her topless in the Show Me Yours DVD set.





Defoe was a very busy French dude this week, having sent in 250 meg in new clips.

Here is part 1:

From Juste un peu d"Amour


From Louis XV: le Soleil Noir







Annette Bening in The Grifters

Dita von Teese in her more explicit days

Emmanuelle Chriqui. She needs to expose all that gorgeous flesh before it gets saggy.


Film Clips

Rachel Bella in Jimmy and Judy. This was one of those films that fell in the cracks between years, too late to place high in one annual nude scene poll, already forgotten before the next one. With different timing this might have made the "best nude scenes" list.

Jessica Alba in Idle Hands in HD. Nice clip. No real nudity, but she's showing most of her butt - and what a butt! Here's former playperson Kelly Monaco in the same film, showing off a major league chest.

You can die happy after seeing Peg Bundy and Louis DePalma fucking in House Broken. How did we miss this for nude scene of the year? Mercifully, there is no nudity.

Kelly Hu in The Scorpion King. Yikes! Another one with no real nudity, but a very amusing scene. She is naked, but keeps all the best stuff hidden.

Maryam d'Abo in Xtro - a classic (scene pictured to the right)

Birgitte Simonsen in Bryggeren (scene pictured to the right)