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From the Nicolas Cage thriller about a PI on the case to discover if a 'snuff film' is genuine. Jacklyn Lick is better known as an adult star who specializes in fetish/bondage the clip, Nic Cage watches her do her thing.

1080 film clip of Jacklyn Lick

Jacklyn Lick:


"Bitten" (2008)
An obscure Canadian cable horror only available on DVD in the asian market such as http:/

Erica Cox:
boobs and buns
Jordan Madley:
partial upskirt
Amy Lynn Grover:
Toronto hefmag model topless in threesome with Erica

"Hospitality" (2005)
An otherwise forgettable horror if it didn't have a brief topless appearance by Montreal native Natalia McLennan who was involved in the New York callgirl ring which bought down Governor Spitzer.

Natalia McLennan:
topless in videocam viewer

"Chasing Freedom"
Taliban porn starring Layla Alizada taking off her burka.

Layla Alizada

"My Winnipeg" (2007)
Artsy-fartsy documentary by Guy Maddin. A bunch of uncredited actresses are full frontal as hookers.

Asst. Hookers

"Billable Hours"
From the Season 3 episode: "A Manson for All Seasons". Rebecca McMahon from the Cock'd Gunn mockumentary cable series is sexy as porn star

Rebecca McMahon

"Sarah Connor Chronicles"
From the Season 2 episode: "Complications". Garbage lead singer Shirley Manson is sporting some rock hard pokies through a tweed jacket!

Shirley Manson

"Prom Wars" (2008)
A light comedy with alot of gratuitous underwear shots by most of the female cast (including some of the pudgy males).

group bathing suit shot It appears some of the actresses are double bagging their brassieres in order to avoid those annoying poke-throughs. enough panties to pitch a tent Melanie St-Pierre
The only one who stood out.

Dann reports on "Rise of the Footsoldier":

From England comes this exciting 2007 crime drama based on a true story.

Carlton Leach started out in the 70's as a soccer hooligan who loved to kick the ass of anyone near him. He gained a reputation as someone who was not to be messed with.

Carlton was recruited to become a bouncer and doorman at hot-ticket clubs in London and Essex, and eventually recruited a group of his friends and turned them into a potent criminal gang in the 80's and 90's.

The film follows three decades of his life from soccer thug, to bouncer, to one of the most feared and respected criminals in England. It's very interesting and well worth watching.

Coralie Rose Nicola Paige

Emily Clarke Various


Notes and collages

Bette Midler showing some serious pokies in scenes from the multi-Oscar nominated movie "The Rose" (1979).

Julianne Moore giving up 2 of the 3 B's in scenes from the 1993 Madonna movie "Body of Evidence".

Sally Field shows off a very nice dorsal view in 1976 Ah-nuld movie "Stay Hungry".

Here's a sneak peek at next months's season 6 opener of "The L Word" featuring Kate French and Mia Kirshner gettin' it.

Kate French and Mia Kirshner video clip

Sample stills:

Once again, Spanish babe Leonor Watling shows off her wonderful breasts and bum in scenes from "The Oxford Murders"

HD video clip of Leonor Watling

Sample stills:

Courteney Cox wearing a partially see-thru top at a red-carpet event

Adult star Olivia Saint bares all in "Confessions of an Adult Film Star 2".

Very lovely images of Charlotte Ayanna wearing a fishnet outfit.

Here's an HD clip of French babe Barbara Cabrita topless in a love scene and then again in her undies in scenes from "Fortunes".

3 clips of Glenn Close in various stages of partial dress in scenes from the movie that made every man think twice about having an affair back in 1987, "Fatal Attraction".

The always lovely Amy Smart bares her bum and gives up a side breast view in this video clip from the horror/thriller "Mirrors".

Here's a clip 'Thigh-master' babe Suzanne Somers in her one and only on screen topless scene. From the second of the Dirty Harry movies, "Magnum Force" (1973).

A clip of exotic beauty Thandie Newton topless in a scene from 1997's "Gridlock'd" starring the odd pair of Tim Roth and Tupac Shakur.

A clip of Asian adult model Hikaru Wakana baring breasts and bush in a love scene from "The Forbidden Legend".