Hi, everyone. We're still struggling through at partial strength. I have some kind of crazy flu which is blurring my vision - not the ideal condition for typing or creating a web page. It's been three weeks of coughing now, and I'm really getting tired of it! I've been a tad better the last two days, so I think it is about to break. Tuna has an infection in his inner ear, which is even worse. But the rest of the guys seem to be hammering away just fine ...

We'll be back from the DL soon.



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I have an inner ear virus, nothing serious, but I can't work on the computer.









Mulholland Drive

Today we have a screen classic, Naomi Watts and Laura Harring in their lesbo scenes from "Mulholland Drive". No description needed but, damn, that Naomi has really cute tits.

Naomi Watts

Laura Harring


Watts and Harring








Notes and collages

The Warriors

part 3 of 5

Deborah Van Valkenbergh


I only got 49 collages out of this film....rats...

The focus of my fascination with this movie is that I was a subway rider in New York City when it was being filmed and I lived at Union Square which is one of the supposed subway scenes in the film....NOT! lol

I still like the film despite the falseness of some of the background shots.






"The Hunger"


In a story that will be familiar to many Internet users, a couple's life together deteriorates when he finds an adult website that offers bizarre sexual fantasies, so is not Scoopy's. In this particular site a girl named Desdemona wants the guy to kill his girlfriend, so he can end up with her.

April Telek

Marie-Josee D'Amours

Aka Marie-Josée Colburn, aka Christina Colburn








Almost lost in those bikini pics of Nicolette Sheridan was this one in which her top fell away from one breast.
Emmanuelle Escourrou in Baby Blood. This obscure 18-year-old horror film is coming back to the front burner again because French director Jean-Marc Vincent, a horror genre specialist, is currently working on a sequel in which Emmanuelle will reprise her original part. Ms. Escourrou also co-wrote the script.
Maribel Verdu in La Buena Estrella
Helen Baxendale and Katrina Levon in a girl/girl scene from The Investigator.