Open Window (2006)

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American Pie presents The Naked Mile (2006)

My taste and Scoop's seem to be nearly identical - except when it comes to comedies. This is no exception. While I didn't mind it, I wasn't nearly as impressed as Scoopy. Bodily fluid jokes just leave me cold. I liked the love story aspect perhaps more than he did, and it did show very nicely just how potentially damaging peer pressure can be to teenagers, but I found the basic premise hard to swallow. I can't believe that a college would welcome three high school kids with open arms, and that they would score with the hottest chicks in the school. It's also hard to believe that they would be drinking in a bar after the naked mile run.

On the other hand, the film meets or exceeds all genre requirements. Once you have the nudity, drinking, and fart and bodily fluid gross-out jokes, you have met genre requirements. This goes the extra naked mile in the nudity department, and at least tried for some character development and depth to the characters.

At any rate, the raunchy teen comedy is in decline, and I'm glad anyone at all is still making them, even inferior ones.


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Angel Lewis



Candace Kroslak



Michelle Cormier and Stephanie Sexton



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A short energy-saving trip for the Time Machine today - just a short jaunt back to 1997 for "Luscious" (aka "Vivid") with Kari Wuhrer.

Kari has never had a problem shedding her clothes, as you can see in these caps. I could have done without the paint.









Click (2006)


Adam Sandler plays Michael, an up-and-coming architect who is working day and night to become a partner in the multimillion dollar building company run by his superficial boss (David Hasselhoff). Michael wants his children to have the good life, with all the things that he never could get as a child. Unfortunately this comes at a great expense. He is never there to experience their childhood. One day, on a search for a universal remote controller to make his life that little bit easier, Michael comes across "Beyond" - the secret underground portion of Bed, Bath and Beyond - a bizarre workshop specializing in the most up-to-date experimental technology, run but a scientist called Morty (Christopher Walken). Morty takes pity on Michael's hectic life and gives him a remote control that he can use to revisit moments of his past, pause time, or even to skip right through the everyday tedium and concentrate on the good times. However whilst it's all fun and games to begin with, the remote control develops a life of its own and problems quickly start to arrive. Whilst the first half is all fun and games with his new toy (fast-forwarding through a dog humping a cuddly toy, making a woman with huge tits run in slow motion, changing his skin color, etc), the fast-forward technique quickly turns into a tragedy. The remote starts to learn his patterns and then automatically skips him through the mundane parts of his life. Anyone who is alive will know that's quite a lot - nearly everything.


Kate Beckinsale



Keisha in Artie Lange's Beer League (Zipped .avi)
A lot of other chicks in Beer League (Zipped .avi)



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The Supernatural Ladies

Bail Ling in The Crow










Mr Skin salutes a second generation Spanish film star, Cayetana Cuervo

Cayetana Cuervo in Amor Idiota (2004)



Cayetana Cuervo in Do It For Me (1997)





Cayetana Cuervo in La Mirada Violeta (2004)