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Carli Bei and Hanna built gingerbread houses in a Versus segment (12-14, 1080hd).
By the way - Hanna is now shown in the opening credits.


season one of the Brazilian series, episodes four through eight in 720p

Marjorie Estiano, Julia Dalavia and Leandra Leal

Der Letzte Cowboy

This is a new 6-part min-series from German TV network WDR

Anna Lea Mende in the episode "Talent Muss Man Haben"

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2016, 1920x800

Olga Kurylenko

Cougar Club

Nicole Rayburn

and some unidentified women are topless in Cougar Club (2007),

There are a lot of other lovely women, including:

Carolyn Hennesy

Carrie Fisher

Faye Dunaway

Izabella Scorupco

Joanie Laurer

Joely Fisher

Kaley Cuoco

Loretta Devine

Mo Collins

Teresa Ganzel

A Kiss and a Promise


A Kiss And A Promise is a serial killer drama where husband and wife, David (Mick Rossi) and Samantha (Natasha Gregson Wagner), run a Bed and Breakfast in a small town where they have a 'permanent' guest in Charlie Matthews (Sean Power), a professional bullshitter who tells people he is a published author amongst other things. The three have a special relationship where Samantha shares David with Charlie, but Charlie's way behind on the rent and patience is wearing thin. Turns out David is a sociopath who kills stray women, usually during sex, as it fulfills something he can't do to Samantha. When a runaway is found brutally murdered, two detectives (Patrick Bergin and Robert Miano) investigate and find another victim who has died in a similar way. Meanwhile, Charlie's luck has changed and is now paying off his debts, but nobody knows where he's getting this money until Samantha goes looking and it's the final straw for Charlie. With the police closing in on David, and Charlie on his way out, a shocking twist will change all their lives.

Not a bad little movie that works better when it focuses on the complicated threesome and the killings than it does on the investigation which hinges on the luckiest break ever when the detectives are clueless. The ending is also a bit silly, even more so with the suggestion that it's based on a true story. But there's enough going on to make an interesting tale.

Natasha Gregson Wagner film clip (collages below)

Lisa Ciara film clip (sample below)

Shailene Woodley in Snowden (2016) in 1080hd

Alexa Davalos, Vogue Italia