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"The Knick"

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Rachel Korine

La Dame Dans L'Auto Avec Des Lunettes Et Un Fusil


La Dame dans l'auto avec des Lunettes et un Fusil is a 70s set thriller where a young lady named Dany (Freya Mavor) gets a job working for Michel (Benjamin Biolay) as his secretary. Things go well and she starts working from his home which he share with his wife Anita (Stacy Martin) and their daughter. Dany is a dreamer and wants to be a cool girl and while working for Michel, she starts to see this happening and becomes fascinated with Michel's Thunderbird. One day Dany is asked to come along with Michel, Anita and their daughter to drop them off at the airport as they are taking a trip. Left alone with the car, Dany finds it irresistible to take the car and go on a long drive to live out her fantasies. At a petrol station, she attracts attention from the men there, but while in the toilet, she is attacked, resulting in a sprained wrist. But something strange also happens. She is accused of making it up by one of the workers there as a woman who looks exactly like her had the exact same thing happen to her a week earlier. Perplexed, Dany moves on nonetheless and stops off at a motel where she is accosted by an Italian man Stefano (Elio Germano) who see then sleeps with. The next morning while on an outing Stefano tricks Dany and ends up stealing the Thunderbird. Dany manages to flag down a truck driver who saw her at the petrol station and he puts a call out to other truck drivers about the car. The car is found, but now it has a dead body in the boot and Stefano is not amused by this. Who is trying to set Dany up for murder and why?

I think this may be the 3rd version of this movie made as I remember watching the 70s English version, but this new French movie does OK in creating that 70s French vibe, but I've always found the plot a little to preposterous for its own good. The plot makes a lot of leaps of faith to make you believe what is happening the Dany and its explanation in this version is really out there. I like the idea of Dany being a dreamer wanting something more and going out and getting it, but everything after that must be seen with caution. At least there's sexy Freya Mavor from Skins and Nymphomaniac's Stacy Martin to keep the film rolling along.

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