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Lie With Me


The 1080hd version of Lauren Lee Smith in this nudity classic will cover many days. Today is the easy part, the one sex scene not involving Ms Smith:
Polly Shannon

Hermosa Juventud


Johnny's comments:

 Hermosa Juventud is a social realist drama about a young couple who are struggling to get by and it gets worse when the woman becomes pregnant and has the child. A couple of times the girl (Ingrid García-Jonsson) does some porn to get a bit of money.
Ingrid Garcia-Jonsson film clips (samples below)

La Cueva


Johnny's comments:

 La Cueva is a survivalist thriller where a group of friends go camping when they find a cave and do some exploring except they get lost and can't find their way out.
Eva Garcia-Vacas film clips (samples below)

321 Dias en Michigan


Johnny's comments:

321 Días en Michigan is a prison drama about a man serving a 2 year jail sentence for fraud, but is so desperate to cover this up that he tells his friends he's gone to America to do an MBA. In jail, he tries to get by and does a little teaching in the women's part of the prison, where he falls in love with one of the female prisoners. Also, it's looking like he's going to get early release from prison, so now he desperately has to hush up the inmates that he's been in prison.
Virginia de Morata film clip (sample below)

TV and Film Clips

Birthe Wolter in Hochzeitsreise Nach Dubai (2014)

Cecilie Andersen in Armen (2013) in 720p

Behati Prinsloo in "Animals" a Maroon 5 music video from 2014 in 720p

Erin Marie Hogan in Hold Your Breath (2012) in 1080p

Kristin Novak in Cemetery Gates (2006) res:1680x1050, but not clear (probably upsized)


Chelsea Handler, up to more topless shenanigans

Kendal Lee Schuler: topless photoshoot for "Life Without Andy," December 2014

Here are the IDs for the topless "North Korean" women in The Interview

Hazeltine Gariza

Michelle Kim

Peenkay Tang

Lia Lam