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The voting form may be found here. There are more than 70 choices listed, and each of them is accompanied by one or more film clips illustrating the scene(s). These particular links lead to Rapidshare files, but you do not need to use those links if you are a Scoopy member. (Lots of non-members vote each year.) I picked each of those clips out of our archives, and was able to find them instantly using the special .zip file search engine.



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Vibrations Sexuelles


The Time Machine goes back to the glorious seventies for "Vibrations Sexuelles" with Brigitte Lahaie, and this was during her hardcore days, so we get to see all of her gorgeous body as she does all kinds of nasty things. She was one hot woman. Caps and a clip.



TV Land

Speaking of hot women, over in TV Land Eva Longoria does a nice leg & thigh show as she visits Jimmy Kimmel. Caps with a HD clip.





Romper Stomper


Russell Crowe had made some films before this one, but this is the first one that gave him post-season hardware and international street cred. He was selected "Best Lead Actor" by the Aussie Film Institute, and he's never looked back.

Jacqueline MacKenzie film clip

(Collages below)



Silk Stalkings

These caps are the first part of the fifth season, which is the last available on DVD.

Episode 1 Pulp Addiction

Barbara Niven - very sexy cleavage


Jeri Gaile - bikini-clad

Unknown - very sexy

Episode 2 The Lonely Hunter

Amy Walker - pokies

Mitzi Kapture - upskirt

Shannon Nelson - underwear

Unknown - pokies by some models

Episode 3 Sweet Punishment

Brittney Powell - cleavage

Yvonne Christiana - sexy

Episode 4 Friendly Persuasion

Julie Heron - underwear

Lisa Engelman - underwear


Patricia Sill - sexy

Unknown - bikinis

Episode 5 Family Affairs

Andrea C Robinson - lovely

Jennifer O'Dell - underwear

Patricia Skeriotis - underwear

Episode 6 Tricks of the Trade

Denice D Lewis - very sexy

Lana Clarkson - pokies


Tracy Melchior - underwear

Unknown - ready for swimming

Episode 7 Kill Shot

Clare Salstrom - bikini-clad ready for beach volleyball


Darlene Vogel - bikini-clad ready for beach volleyball

Noel Thurman - bikini-clad ready for beach volleyball

Salina Bartunek - bikini-clad ready for beach volleyball

Sibel Ergener - nice

Unknown - bikini-clad

Episode 8 Partners Part 1

Gretchen Stockdale - bikini

Lauren Chieco - nice

Lisa Boyle - cleavage

Neith Hunter - pokies

Unknown - very sexy

Episode 9 Partners Part 2

Deprise Brescia - nice

Gretchen Stockdale - cleavage

Neith Hunter - bikini

Unknown - cleavage

Episode 10 Glory Days

Catherine Staples - upskirt

Unknown - bikini-clad

Episode 11 Till Death Do Us Past

Judith Chapman - a lot of leg

Tanya Roberts - pokies

Tyler Layton - lovely



Eva Van De Wijdeven in The Last Days of Emma Blank

Lily Allen in Harper's Bazaar (Russian edition)

Elizabeth Halsey in Cheerleaders' Wild Weekend

Marilyn Joi in Cheerleaders' Wild Weekend

Lenka Novak in Cheerleaders' Wild Weekend

Janie Squire in Cheerleaders' Wild Weekend

Wally Ann Wharton in Cheerleaders' Wild Weekend

Keile Sanchez in A Perfect Gataway


Film Clips

Evelyne Bouix and Delphine Chaneac in Chacun chez soi

Lady Gaga falls out of her costume on stage

Olga Makayeva in Orangelove

Sylvia Jefferies in Haloween II

Victoria Abril and Maribel Verdu in Amantes in 1992, back in the day when all Spanish movies featured the same dozen or so actors, who had to play a wide variety of parts. The wide-eyed innocent? Jorge Sanz. The henpecked husband? Jorge Sanz. The shifty con-man? Jorge Sanz. The romantic matador? Jorge Sanz. All this despite the fact that Sanz was a very limited actor. Whatever happened to him? Although he seems like a name from the past, he just turned 40, and already has something like 150 credits at IMDb, but he hasn't been seen much since 2004.)

Magdalena Mielcarz in Taras Bulba in 720p (scene pictured to the right)