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Here is the always sexy Jennifer Esposito showing a little bit of breast exposure in a love scene from the Paul Haggis film. "Crash" was nominated for 6 Oscars and brought home 3, including Best Editing, Best Original Screenplay and the big kahuna of Best Motion Picture of the Year.

1080 film clip of Jennifer Esposito

Jennifer Esposito:


Notes and collages

Laura Prepon showing off some impressive cleavage from an episode of "That 70's Show".
There were four leprechaun horror movies made in the 90s. Some lovely women starred in the series.

"Leprechaun 1"
No nudity in the original Leprechaun (1993) but Jennifer Aniston was in her prime and looking very good.

Jennifer Aniston

"Leprechaun 2"
In Leprechaun 2 (1994) there is topless nudity by Shevonne Durkin, but is so obviously a body double. It is one of those situations where you wonder why the producers don't hire an actress who is willing to flash her boobs in the first place and save on a wage.

Shevonne Durkin (and body double)

"Leprechaun 3"
The topless nudity in Leprechaun 3 (1995) comes from a Penthouse Pet Heidi Staley. Caroline Williams shows a bit of cleavage and Lee Armstrong shows a lot of sex appeal as she does a striptease.

Heidi Staley Caroline Williams Lee Armstrong

"Leprechaun 4"
More topless nudity in Leprechaun 4: In Space (1997), this time by Rebekah Carlton. Jessica Collins and Debbe Dunning are shown in their underwear.

Rebekah Carlton Jessica Collins Debbe Dunning

"Valet Girls"
Some nice nudity in Valet Girls (1987), particularly by Barbara Dare. The Valet Girls, who were April Stewart, May Kohnert and Meri D Marshall, are in sexy uniforms, as is Rebecca Cruz. There were some other nice women who flashed their breasts but I couldn't identify them. The woman with all the cleavage in the first two collages could be Valerie Richards.

Barbara Dare May Kohnert April Stewart

Meri D Marshall Rebecca Cruz Unknowns

"Murder at 1600"
There is a brief nipple flash by Mary Moore, who turned out to be the victim in Murder at 1600 (1997).

Mary Moore

No nudity in Sahara (1983) but Brooke Shields shows pokies when she takes a shower in a waterfall in the middle of the Sahara.

Brooke Shields

"The Waterboy"
It's a similar situation in The Waterboy (1998) where there are some lovely pokies by Fairuza Balk.

Fairuza Balk

"Love and Other Disasters"
There is nudity in Love and Other Disasters (2006) by Brittany Murphy but it is hidden. We have to be content with seeing her in her underwear for an extended period of time.

Brittany Murphy

"I Served the King of England"
Plenty of lovely naked women in the strange but watchable Czech movie I Served the King of England aka Obsluhoval jsem anglického krále (2006). The topless women include Julia Jenstsch, Petra Hrebicková, Eva Kalcovská, Zuzana Fialová and Sárka Petruzelová. The completely naked blonde-haired women weren't identified, but they were part of the Nazi breeding program during the second world war.

Julia Jentsch Eva Kalcovská Petra Hrebicková

Zuzana Fialová Sárka Petruzelová Unknowns

"Hotel Erotica - Secret Admirer"
Today's episode from the soft-core series Hotel Erotica is called Secret Admirer (2003). The naked ladies are Tina Leiu, Monica Mayhem and Kelsey.

Tina Leiu Kelsey Monica Mayhem

"The Love Boat"
This show is now starting to slowly come out on DVD. Naturally, no nudity but there was lots of cleavage from some well-known and sexy actresses. Each episode had three independent stories and the title of the relevant story is what I have included on the caps.

Episode 1

Suzanne Somers Brenda Sykes Meredith Baxter Birney

Episode 2
Two very nice but unidentified bikini-clad women. One had the part of Greta Wilkes.

Jaclyn Smith Two very nice but unidentified bikini-clad women
One had the part of 'Greta Wilkes'

Episode 3

Pamela Bellwood Kristy McNicol Loretta Swit

Episode 6

Maureen McCormick Mary Moon

Episode 8

Loni Anderson Jo Ann Harris

Episode 9

Joanna Kerns Susan Heldfond

Episode 13

Judy Luciano Adams - the former wife of Don Adams

Here is Raquel Jordan showing some brief breast exposure in a scene from the Edward Norton/Colin Farrell movie "Pride and Glory". The moive only spent about 7 weeks in the theaters and despsite praise for Norton's performance, critics and audiences alike passed on this one. The most common review I saw on this could be summed up with one word..."meh". Look for it on DVD late in January

Raquel Jordan video clip

Sample stills

Here's a great clip of Angelina Jolie young, barely "inked", topless and dubbed into German in a scene from the off-beat movie "Mojave Moon" (1996)
3 clips of Anna Falchi topless in scenes from the excellent dark comedy/zombie movie "Cemetery Man" aka "DellaMorte DellAmore".
Former Miss France (1992) Linda Hardy strips down to her lingerie in a clip from the French movie, "Tu peux garder un secret?"
Here are 3 clips of Model/actress/reality tv babe Gabrielle Richens topless and baring a bit of bum in a couple of scenes from the slasher flick "Hack!" (2007).
Before she became "J-lo", she was simply up and coming actress Jennifer Lopez. Here's Jennifer briefly baring her breasts in a love scene from the Action/Comedy/Buddy-click, "Money Train" (1995) staring Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson
Here's an excellent clip featuring a full body pan of Monica Bellucci baring most in a behind the scenes DVD featurette from "Brotherhood of the Wolf". She's fully nude, but her body position only allows us fantastic views of her breasts.