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Nothing for today, but I might be improving slightly. I have an inner ear virus, nothing serious, but I can't work on the computer.









Lust for a Vampire

Today the Time Machine goes back to 1971 for a Hammer Film Productions flick. The Hammer horror films were known for their busty women with cleavage.

Judy Matheson bare boob and a bloody neck.

Kirsten Lindholm a "Damsel in Distress" with cleavage.

More cleavage from Luan Peters.

Pippa Steel with cleavage and very far off full frontal.

Bare breasts from Sue Longhurst.

Suzanna Leigh with some pokies.

Yutte Stensgaard cleavage and boobs.

Yutte Stensgaard & Pippa Steel as Pippa gives bare-breasted Yutte a massage.







Notes and collages

The Warriors

part 3 of 5

Deborah Van Valkenbergh


If I stood up in my job place and shouted "WARRIORS! Come out and PLAY-AAAAAAY...." most people would know that reference immediately.  A cult classic.






"The Hunger"

Season Two. Episode: "NUNC DIMITTIS"


A loyal old servant (David Warner) of a vampire princess (Marina Orsini) is dying, and the cold-hearted princess has nothing else to do than to request one last task from him. She needs a young lad to keep her happy. He, of course, goes and does what he is told and finds her a delinquent (Jacob Tierney), just like he was before falling into the Vampire's fangs. At first the new servant is not happy with the offer, but living among lowlifes is not for him either and, after getting fatally wounded, he finally agrees to take the servant job.


Irene Contogiorgis

(She plays a lowlife who likes to shout like crazy while the others are sleeping, She shows her boobs while she does that, I guess to compensate)







Johnny Moronic continues to stay on top of Satisfaction, the naughty Aussie soap. We're up to episode 5. Here's a film clip of Peta Sergeant ... (sample right)
... and one of Bojana Novakovic (samples right). This is the one to see this week. It includes almost all of this episode's nudity.
No nudity with the others, so no film clips, but here's one collage each for Madeleine West ...
... and Alison Whyte.
A clip of Zulay Henao in Illegal Tender (sample right)
Two clips from Gettin' It: Jessica Canseco and Tara Rice
The Ann-Margret clips continue with Joseph Andrews
A Frances Barber clip from Greenaway's A Zed and Two Noughts
A clip of Mia Kirshner in The L Word. Nice quality.