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"The Sopranos"



Alida Tarallo

Fuga de Cerebros 2


Still going with the Spanish stuff. First: Fuga de Cerebros 2, a college gross-out comedy where the group of lads (well, the ones that hadn't gone onto bigger things) get into Harvard (have they lowered their standards?) and they play up, fall in love... you know the drill.

Didn't really watch it as I don't have subtitles, but it one of those foreign movies set in America where Americans don't speak English (OK, there's a little English, but I always find this amusing).

I have the watched the original movie and I would cap it if I could get my hands on a HD copy of it just because of Amaia Salamanca, who has a great nude scene in that movie. That movie was pretty poor, this one doesn't really look any better with one character shitting in everything of the football captain's. And a baffling David Hasselhoff cameo to top it off (speaking and singing in Spanish!). Pretty girls though, especially Patricia Montero, why haven't I seen her before and here's hoping to seeing more from her.

Patricia Montero film clip (collages below)

Hijo de Cain


Hijo de Caín (Son of Cain) is a thriller about Nico (David Solans), a teenage boy who is deemed troubled by his parents, millionaire businessman Carlos (Jose Coronado) and mother Coral (Maria Molins). After a dog is found dead in Nico's bed after being dragged through the house, apparently he was saving it, Nico is on his last chance before being sent to reform school. His mother does not want this and gets in touch with old flame Julio (Julio Manrique), a psychiatrist who is doing great work with children, who agrees to see Nico. Nico loves the game of chess and Julio is a reformed chess expert and when he beats Nico, Nico is extremely perturbed. Julio decides to help, mainly because he needs a paying client and uses chess to get to know Nico, including introducing him to his chess mentor Andrew (Jack Taylor) who immediately advises him to stay away from Nico and to keep him away from his star pupil Laura. After a car crash caused by a fight between Nico and his father, Julio convinces Carlos that he is close to finding the problem, which he thinks is his violent father and then he finds information that points to something more sinister. Or has Julio got it all wrong...

Good little thriller that keeps the audience on its toes and has a very shocking ending. There's a lot of emphasis on chess, including an interesting theory about there's no more strategy in chess thanks to computer chess. Reminds me a bit of the 90s movie Silent Fall (with Richard Dreyfuss and Liv Tyler), but without the autistic child angle (and Hijo de Caín is much better than that movie). Also get the feeling this is going to get remade by Hollywood, definitely seems ripe for that to happen.

Maria Molins film clip (sample below)

TV/Film Clips

The latest Miley Cyrus video, Adore You, which features the horny hick in a peek-a-boo bra (1080p)

Ivet Corvea in Down and Dangerous (2013)

Katie McGrath in the premiere episode of Labyrinth in 1080p

Jessica Brown Findlay in that same episode of Labyrinth

Elisabetta Fantone in Havana 57 (2012) in 720p

Claudia Gerini and Crisula Stafida in Tulpa: Perdizioni mortali (2012) in 1080p

Anna Silk in Deception, way back in 2006


Tanya Ilieva, Rositsa Dicheva and others in Zift (2008)