Boxing Day

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American Reunion


Ali Cobrin - 1080p film clips of one of the top nude performances of 2012

Continuing with the softcore, this week:

 Zalman King's Body Language.

ZKBL is set in a strip club and each episode is based on the personal hang-ups of one or more of the strippers. A narrator explained what was going on, which is just as well. The first season was first transmitted in 2008 and the narrator for that season was Jessica Rimmer (aka Jessica Phillips). There was plenty of nudity, even some almost gynaecological. Except for the nudity, the show did not have much going for it.
Today: Part 2 of 4

Episode 4 Dirty Little Secrets

Alex Malkin

Erica Cox

Jessica Rimmer

Not identified

Episode 5 Sex Shop Boy

Amy Diggins

Jennifer Medeiros

Veronika Swartz

Episode 6 The Librarian

Christina Schimmel


Melissa Bentivoglio

Not identified

Film Clips

Veronica Echegui in Katmandu, un espejo en el cielo (2012)

Siboney Lo in En las afueras de la ciudad (2012)

Carolina Escobar, also in En las afueras de la ciudad

Nina Kunzendorf in Marias letzte Reise (2005)

Laura Tonke in Dich schickt der Himmel (2000)


Cassandra Ciangherotti (w/ Teresa Ruiz) in Viaje Redondo