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Run Swinger Run


Run Swinger Run! (1967) is a Barry Mahon exploitation film featuring  a woman's misadventures. As the film opens, she is sunbathing topless on a patio, wearing only a thong, and someone with a sniper rifle takes a shot at her. She runs, boards a bus, then hitches a ride. She tells her story to the driver.

She is from New York. Her alcoholic father died when she was young, and left enough for her mother to open a boarding house. On one of the rare nights when mom wasn't home and the boarders were to fend for themselves for dinner, one of them stayed behind and raped her. She enjoyed it, which somehow, in her mind, meant that she had to run away. She headed for California, where she had an aunt who had always encouraged her to come to her for help. Auntie, unfortunately, wanted to send her to high school to peddle dope, so Elizabeth took off again. She was reading want ads in a hotel bar, when a well dressed and spoken man approached her with a job offer for $1,000 per week, requiring her to be nice to their rich and important customers. When she arrived at the house, she found herself a brutal prisoner.

The film does exactly what it was intended to do in 1967 -- to show tits and not let the story get in the way. I will leave the rest of the simple story for you to discover.

Gretchen Gayle (billed as Elizabeth Bing, also known as Gretchen Rudolph, Jan Nash, and Ginger Stevens), shows breasts and buns. Five unknowns also show breasts.




Gayle/Rudolph/Bing, etc.











Our version of Hayley-Marie Coppin. Beautiful views of this girl from every angle. You gotta love that ass. Wow!






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The Warriors

part 2 of 5

Deborah Van Valkenbergh


If I stood up in my job place and shouted "WARRIORS! Come out and PLAY-AAAAAAY...." most people would know that reference immediately.  A cult classic.






"The Hunger"

Season Two. Episode: "THE SEDUCTRESS"

Novelist Elizabeth (Rachel Hayward) hangs out with some fan of hers, and one day he shows her the lovely altar full of pictures he has of her. Lizzy, instead of being flattered, runs away, calling him a weirdo. Poor guy. Since he was a little fetus he had problems taking rejection, so he takes his own life. When Elizabeth reads a suicide note from the poor weirdo, I mean fan, she goes to his house, where she meets his even weirder mother. She freaks out again and runs away to a park, where she meets a curly blond hair dude name James. She begins an affair with this mysterious James (William Katt), who goes all Greatest American Hero on her booty, while he thinks, "look at what's happened to me, I can't believe it myself. Suddenly I'm up on top of the world, It should have been somebody else".

Damn right, it should have been the weird fan, but this is THE HUNGER, so maybe there's still time for him to get some.

The romance with James is not all it seems and the boundaries between reality and Elizabeth's fiction appear to fall away, and there is an angry mo who also is some kind of witch looking for some payback. That's what you get for treating stalkers like, umm, stalkers.

Rachel Hayward







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