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Members' bonuses. Gigi

Winner of 9 accademy awards including best picture, best director, best costumes, set, photography and best song, Gigi is a total feast for the eyes and ears, and never more so than in the DVD. As you will see from the images, they did an excellent job on the transfers. This musical is rated "G" and hence has nothing even approaching nudity, but there is little material on Eva Gabor (who is featured today) or Leslie Caron. I hope you won't agree with Louis Jourdan and sing "It's a bore."

Eva Gabor

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Members' bonuses

One Fish, Two Fish
Goldie Hawn shows nipples. As a special Christmas gift, I am including the best exposure by Goldie. In this romantic comedy co-staring Burt Reynolds, Goldie proves that she actually has nipples in three different scenes (and they are world-class nipples in my estimation). Makes me wonder why she was camera shy in all of her other films.

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Blinky has three models today. One of Giselle Bundchen (still one of his favs), one of Greta Cavazzoni (could easily become one of his favs) , and a bunch of Hannelore Knuts (I don't think she will be one of his favs). This commentary stuff is easy when it comes from the contribtor. 1 Hannelore Knuts -- Not very revealing 2 Knuts 3 Knuts 4 Knuts 5 Knuts 6 Knuts 1 Giselle Bundchen -- Very nice see-through 1 Cavazzoni -- Fully dressed, but real bedroom eyes.

Today there are three girls together. Maria, Rebekah and Jo

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Page Three Gold is Justine Spiers from 24th August 1992

Blackshine Blackshine says: "All those are from the recent issues of german MAX & Cinema. have all a nice christmas :)
  • 1 Three of Milla -- all teasers
  • 2 Milla
  • 3 Milla
  • 1 Erika Marozsan -- Head shot, but very nice one
  • 2 Erika Marozsan
  • 1 Halle Berry -- Even in clothes like this, Halle is hot.
  • 1 Best teaser of the millenium
  • 1 Estelle Warren with a peek-through.

  • RDO has Julie Warner from the movie Doc Hollywood. RDO says "I know lots of people (including me) have already capped Julie Warner in "Doc Hollywood", but I haven't seen any DVD caps before, so I just couldn't resist." Seven and ten are my favorites, although they are all great.

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  • Virginia Madsen in Class from Graphic Response
  • Jennifer O'Dell. -- The Lost World from Crow
  • Rachel Blakely. also from Crow
  • Sung Hi Lee. also from Crow
  • Sung Hi Lee again, also from Crow

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