Christmas Day

"What's to-day, my fine fellow?" said Scrooge.

"To-day?" replied the boy.  "Why, Christmas Day."

This is the 21st time I've written a Funhouse page on Christmas Day. It's usually a slow time for nudity after all the DVD screeners have cleared. Most imagers are doing holiday activities.

But there are still some things to see.

And when you have done, a merry holiday to one and all!

TV Recap

The women of Teenland:

Not actually a TV series, but a series of 30-minute films from Denmark. According to IMDb:

"Depressed Sally, 17, is locked up at Teenland. A pink, prison-like institution for teens who are so fucked emotionally that they have developed supernatural powers. Everything changes when Sally encounters power sociopath Ting- e-ling, who convinces Sally that she must use her skills and dare to loose control. This is what teenagers do! When playing a provocative sexual play, the two girls are punished. Sally wakes up in a world far from the pink prison she knows. Instead the institution is bleak and she has momentarily slipped out of her psychosis. But Sally is changed, and when she is reminded that the institution has captured her friend, she decides to save Ting- e- Ling by using her special powers. The rebellion has begun."


Episode 1: Victoria Carmen Sonne

Episode 3: Victoria Carmen Sonne and Frederikke Dahl Hansen

Episode 4: Victoria Carmen Sonne


The Naked News anchors played a special Christmas round of Versus in which they competed to wrap presents - with a special twist.

Best Nude Scenes of 2015:

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Season 1


Today: Episode 8

Paulina Gaitan

TV/Film Clips

Christy Carlson Romano in Mirrors 2 (2010) in 1080hd

Nancy Kwan in The McMasters (1970 - quality is poor)


Blast from the past: Jayne Mansfield in Promises, Promises