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Raptor (2001) stars Eric Roberts as a sheriff of a small town, who suddenly has to deal with a mounting death toll from dinosaurs who escaped from a local research facility. Oddly, they are Tyrannosaurus Rex, which makes one wonder about the title of the film. Turns out there is much more to wonder about, as the film is mostly scenes from three previous films (Carnosaur 1, 2 and 3), some stock footage, and very little new footage. However, I have not seen the borrowed material, and found this a marginally acceptable Roger Corman grade B film.

Lorissa McComas, as the sheriff's daughter and nearly dino chow, shows breasts.

IMDb readers say 2.4, and it is pretty clear from comments at IMDb that genre fans felt completely cheated by this film. The story is rather silly, not all of the footage fits well together, and most of the acting was far from skilled.

Lorissa McComas






Here is "National Treasure" co-star Diane Kruger showing off her very lovely caboose in a scene from the Brad Pitt movie "Troy".

A 1080 film clip of Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger:


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Mädchen Amick turning in an excellent triple B performance in "Dream Lover" (1994)

and here's a little Christmas present from Rok...


Decent breast and bum exposure in these vids of Peta Sergeant in a sex scene from the Aussie series "Satisfaction". Samples below.


Thanks to Sledge for the following video clips. All of these scenes are nominees for The Top Nude Scene of 2008

Angleina Jolie bares her heavily tattooed back (with a bit of bum) in "Wanted"

3 Clips of Jess Weixler in scenes from the horror/dark comedy "Teeth".

Canadian actress and new co-star of "CSI" Lauren Lee Smith, gettin' it on in 3 clips from the thriller, "Pathology".

Two clips of former "O.C" co-star Mischa Barton topless and also baring her bum in two very well lit nude scenes from the "Closing the Ring".

Rosie Perez showing brief breast and bum views in two scenes from "The Take"

Sophie Monk almost bares all in this extended, very well lit nude scene from the Comedy/Drama "Sex and Death 101".

Also from "Sex and Death 101" Winona Ryder shows some brief partial breast-ness.

The fomer self proclaimed 'Bad Girl of Pop' Willa Ford showing off wonderful toplessness (and even a thong view) in 3 scenes from "Impulse".
Rosario Dawson Bares all in scene from the Director's Cut of 2004's "Alexander". Here is a video clip of the scene. The scene is fast and a little out of focus due to the action, but Rosario baring all is still an amazing sight to behold.

A sneak peek at Sandra Bullock "nude" in the upcoming romantic comedy, "The Proposal". I use quotes on "nude" due to the strategically placed arm and hand towel.

"X Men 2" babe Kelly Hu looking gorgeous in her undies during a guest spot on "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit". Here is an HD video clip of the scene

Abby Brammell looking good in a bikini in scenes from the CBS series "The Unit".

No real nudity from Anna Faris in "The House Bunny" (probably a stunt butt) but she does look great in her assorted skimpy outfits.

Model Liberty Ross showing off her landing strip.

A full frontal B&W pose from Teresa Maxova

Belgian babe Marie Kremer showing off her very nice breasts in an odd scene from the French film "Sous les toits de Paris" aka "Beneath the Rooftops of Paris" (2007).

Here is the motherload of nudity for the day. As Scoop put it this afternoon, "this thing has more nudity than a porno". We have never heard of "Actress Apocalypse" or it's nude stars Kerri Bonich, Lily Walker and Kenzie Lovelay...but all of these ladies look pretty darned good nekkid and aren't afraid to show off the goods. Kerri Bonich and Lily Walker vids. There are 14 clips in this zip file.

Kenzie Lovelay vids. There are 2 clips of Kenzie topless in this zip file.

Here are a boatload of stills:

Kerri Bonich and Lily Walker

Kerri Bonich

Kenzie Lovelay

Kerri Bonich

Kerri Bonich

Lily Walker

Lily Walker

Lily Walker

Kenzie Lovelay

Lily Walker

Lily Walker

Lily Walker

Lily Walker

Lily Walker

Kerri Bonich

Kerri Bonich and Lily Walker

Lily Walker