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Boardwalk Empire

concluding season three

KC Wright  - 1080p film clip from episode 9

Defoe's clips this week:

Jenna Thiam in Les Revenants (s1e7) in 1080hd

Valentine Catzeflis in Eleonore l'Intrepide (2012) in 1080hd

Marie Gillain in Mon Pere ce Heros (1991) in 1080p. This is the French movie which would soon be remade as My Father the Hero with a very young Katherine Heigl. Gerard Depardieu played the same role in both versions.

Get ready for some 1970s cheese. Miou-Miou in D'Amour et d'Eau Fraiche (1976)



Film Clips

Yesterday we featured one of the "Mutig in die neuen Zeiten" films. Today: the other two.

Julie Engelbrecht and Lavinia Wilson in Nur keine Wellen (2006)

Esther Zimmering and Nina Proll in Alles anders (2007)


Cortney Palm in Sushi Girl

6'2" Gwendoline Christie doing some fetish modeling. She plays the massive female warrior on Game of Thrones. Some of these I've seen before, but others are new to my eyes.

Kate Luyben in My Five Wives (2000)

Emmanuelle Vaugier, also in My Five Wives