Annual "Best Nude Scenes" Poll

The list is just about ready to go, but I keep hoping that we'll see Carey Mulligan in Shame and Rooney Mara in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo before the voting begins, so I'm delaying the kick-off.

TV Round-Up

Here's Anna Friel's sorta topless (see-through top) scene in episode two of Without You in 720p

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Seasons greetings from this side of the Pacific.

It's the years 1994 and 1995 this week.

Almost Hollywood

It is mostly silicon-enhanced nudity in Almost Hollywood (1994). The nudity comes from Dale Roberts,

 India Allen,

Rachel Dyer

and some not identified.

Other women in various attire are Amberlee Brown,

Charlotte Lasen,

Lis Burkles

and Michelle Moffett.


No nudity in Assassins (1995) but Julianne Moore is looking good.

The Babysitter

The nudity in The Babysitter (1995) is by a topless Tuesday Knight.

Alicia Silverstone is supposed to be naked taking a bath but keeps things hidden with a towel

(who takes a towel into a bath??).

 Lee Garlington is in her underwear.

Bad Girls

The visible nudity in Bad Girls (1994) is by Drew Barrymore.

Andie MacDowell,

Madeleine Stowe

and Mary Stuart Masterson are partially dressed.

The Bridges of Madison County

There is some breast exposure in The Bridges of Madison County (1995) that is supposed to be Meryl Streep.

However, it is probably a body double.

Castle Freak

Plenty of nudity in the horror film Castle Freak (1995). There is some brief bush by Raffaella Offidani

and the briefest of nipple flash by Barbara Crampton.

Jessica Dollarhide is in her underwear.

Cool and the Crazy

Christine Harnos is topless in Cool and the Crazy (1994).

Alicia Silverstone is in her underwear

and Jennifer Blanc is looking good.

Cover Me

Plenty of topless women in Cover Me (1995): Betsy Monroe,

Courtney Taylor,

Elizabeth R. Khan,

Karen Kim,

Shae Marks

and some not identified.

Julie Lynn Cialini looks good.

The Dallas Connection

Plenty more topless women in The Dallas Connection (1994): Julie K. Smith,

Julie Strain,

Samantha Phillips,

Wendy Hamilton

and a couple not identified.

Kym Malin keeps her clothes on in this one.

Dream a Little Dream 2

No nudity in Dream a Little Dream 2 (1995), with Robyn Lively

and Stacie Randall in their underwear.

Empire Records

Again, no nudity Empire Records (1995) just some sexy women: Debi Mazar,
Kimber Sissons,
Liv Tyler
and Renee Zellweger.

Exit to Eden

Lots and lots of nakedness and women partially dressed in Exit to Eden (1994):
Alison Moir

Dana Delaney

Deborah Pratt

Gloria Hylton


Judith Baldwin

Julie Hughes

Kristi Noel

Laura Harring

Rajia Baroudi

Rosie O'Donnell (not to be viewed on a full stomach)

Sandra Korn

Stephanie Niznik

Tanya Reid

Many not identified

Inner Sanctum II

Some nice nudity in Inner Sanctum II (1994) but unfortunately some of it is by body doubles.
Jennifer Ciesar (Ashley Rhey is the body double - she has the freckles) is topless,

as is Tracy Brooks Swope's body double.

Sandahl Bergman is in her underwear.

Live Nude Girls

Live Nude Girls (1995) is an example of a film's title where there is truth in advertising. The women are Adele Sparks,

Cynthia Stevenson,

Dana Delaney,

Julianna Lavin,

Kim Cattrall,

Laila Robins,

Lora Zane

and Olivia D'Abo

The Mask

No nudity in The Mask (1994) just lots of leg and cleavage by Cameron Diaz.


Naked Horror

Naked Horror (1995) is a softcore load of tripe with some very naked women who are Debbie D,

Jasmin St. James,

Kelly Smith,

Melissa Silver

and Stacy Warfel.

The Net

No nudity in The Net (1995) just a sexy Sandra Bullock.

The Road to Wellville

Some very lovely topless women in The Road to Wellville (1994): Bridget Fonda,

Lara Flynn Boyle

and Traci Lind.

She's the One

She's the One (1996) has no nudity. Jennifer Aniston shows the usual pokies,

as does Maxine Bahns.

Amanda Peet

and Cameron Diaz are looking good.


Temptress (1995) has a topless Barbara Ann Moore,

Kim Delaney

and some unknown women.

Woman of Desire

Unfortunately the DVD quality is not good for Woman of Desire (1994). Bo Derek is, of course, naked

and there are a couple of other sexy women.

Notes and collages

"Two and a Half Men"

One from Year Two (e5): the delectable Jeri Ryan