Howdy all, Scoopy Jr here filling in for Sr for a bit while he shovels some snow and works on the Best Nude Scenes of '08 list.


* Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

* White asterisk: expanded format.

* Blue asterisk: not mine.

No asterisk: it probably sucks.


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Final Destination 2


A 1080 clip featuring the only nudity in this not too terrible sequel.

Odessa Munroe

film clip of Munroe flashing


First up...from the Aaron Eckhart/Maria Bello indie film "Towelhead" aka "Nothing Is Private". Former Heffer turned actress Irina Voronina goes back to her roots as a centerfold. Plus we some some B-babes do a little topless golfing.

Irina Voronina

film clip of Irina
Nathalie Walker, Kim Knight and LoriDawn Messuri

film clip of the topless golfers

A few scenes from the direct to DVD flick "Scarce". The IMDb plots makes it out to be another "good guys get lost, cannibals find them, gore ensues". With the tagline "How will anyone find you...if you've been eaten", you know it's a winner.

Thankfully they paid attention they followed the the first Scoopian Unity: once you know you will be awarded an R rating for language, blood or gore...load up on the breast count, because the tits are free. In this case they also went for some minor lesbo lovin' too.

Rachel Chartrand and Beth Armstrong

film clip of the two, topless and tortured
Samantha Thomas and OliviaBessel

film clip of some minor lesbian lovin'
Stephanie Banting

film clip her very nice toplessness

Next up...Finnish actress Marja Salo bares breasts and bum as she goes skinny dipping in a scene from "Korkein oikeus" (2008).

Marja Salo

film clip of Marja

Bai Ling in "Shanghai Baby"
Rok's comments:

I've read criticism of her for not fixing that gap in her teeth; U.S. folk seem really into that perfect teeth look/ too many commercials in our brain pan. Lauren Hutton was a successful model with her gap, Terry Thomas a successful actor with his gap. My point of view? Her nipples make me crazy.... :)

Rebecca DeMornay briefly baring all 3 B's in a scene from the 80's classic "Risky Business"

Spanish babe Leonor_Watling baring breasts and bum in scenes from "The Oxford Murders"

Brit singer Lily Allen caught doing a little topless sunbathing

Bo Derek gettin' it on in a very steamy (literally and figuratively) sex scene from 1984's "Bolero".

Three clips of Emma de Caunes topless and showing a bit of bum in scenes from "Rien dans les poches" (2008).

Several scenes from the lo-budget 'comedy', "The Deviants"...3 clips of lo-budget scream queen, Tiffany Shepis. Tiffany bares breasts and bum. Former Heffer Shauna Sand keeps her swimsuit on, but still fills it out very well. Meanwhile, Johanna Black keeps her bra on during a sex scene.

A few scenes from the 1997 David Lynch flick "Lost Highway" Natasha Gregson Wagner shows off her small, but very nice breasts. Patricia Arquette bares breasts and bum in 3 different love scenes and strips down to bare her breasts in a fourth scene.

Here is Nicole Kidman baring breasts and bum in two movies....First in the original 'Billy Zane on a boat movie', "Dead Calm" and then again 14 years later in love scene from "Cold Mountain". Talk about aging well! I think she looks better at 36 than she did at 22.