Also today a chart. Here are the top (boxoffice) movies in several countries around the world, based on the last period available
  1. USA: Star Trek, Insurrection
  2. Australia: A Bug's Life
  3. UK: Rush Hour
  4. Hong Kong: Ronin
  5. Italy: Mulan
  6. France: Mulan
  7. Germany: Mulan
  8. Brazil: Urban Legend
  9. Japan: The X-Files
  10. Spain: The Mask of Zorro
  11. Sweden: Show Me Love
  12. Estonia: Battleship Potemkin

Ok, just kidding about Estonia. I don't think they have any theatres.


  • A New Contributor
  • If you are not familiar with her, please check her out! She has an incredible body, and a very exotic look! Here's Nadja ab del Farrag by Norman Bates #2.
  • Nadja ab del Farrag by Norman Bates #3.
  • Nadja ab del Farrag by Norman Bates #4.
  • For the tennis fans, here's Steffie Graf on German TV.
  • From the Guys at StarNet
  • Let's get back to the States with a little help from Donbun, Here's Stephanie Beaton. You've probably missed her in such B greats as "Unnaturally Born Killers", "Tales from the Cannibal Side", and my favorite, "Zombie Ninja Gangbangers".
  • Next from Don, here's Karen Brennan. Photo by George Richardson.
  • More images from the book "Sirens", a collection of photos by Marco Glaviano. Naturally, since these are images of supermodels, Valentino has a few scans for us. First, here's Cindy Crawford.
  • Next from Val and Marco Glaviano...a posterior view of Mel Flagler.
  • Jill Goodacre, also scanned by Valentino from "Sirens".
  • From actress and Internet babe, Rebecca Gayheart. Photo by Lance Staedler.
  • From Elliffen Graphix, here's 80's and 90's B-movie regular, Darcy DeMoss. It looks like these 'caps come from an episode of the "Erotic Confessions" series. But check this out! One of her movies is a possible nominee in the "Worst Assembled Cast in a B-movie" category at next year's Scoopy awards! The movie..."Bucket of Blood". The cast...Anthony Michael Hall, Justine Bateman, and Shadoe Stevens.
  • Fun House Variety
  • Carla Bruni in a topless ad. Not exactly the kind of thing you'll see in the check out lane at your local Try-N-Save.
  • From Johnny Web, one more scan of Cindy Crawford from the book "Sirens" by Marco Glaviano.
  • Spanish babe, Natalia Estrada. A nice topless scan with just a hint of nipple, by Publisher.
  • Natalia Estrada #2. Not as topless, but oddly, there's slightly more nipple.
  • Nadja ab del Farrag revisited. This time in convenient collage form.
  • Once again, a Johnny Web scan from the book "Sirens" by Marco Glaviano. This time, here's Mel Flagler.
  • From ZonononZor, here's Dr. Laura. Personally, I don't get it. Why is she such a big radio personality anyway? I've heard her show, and it's crap. Her dime store, text book, quick fix answers to very serious problems are abominable! Combine that with her patented "instant judgement" and you have somebody of influence who is capable of more harm than good! Hell, Jerry Springer's final thought contains more thought and caring! So I say good, I'm glad these pics are on the web!