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Today: Episode 5

Laura Perico

Wog Boy


Johnny's comments:

The Wog Boy is a comedy based on the based on the popular comedy act of Nick Giannopoulos (who also made the slightly better misfire The Wannabes) about a dole bludging pick-up artist of Greek origin who is used as a pawn by a grandstanding politician and under the eye of the politician's reluctant press secretary.

Fans only stuff (and there's plenty of them even considering the 10 year later sequel was also a hit), broad as hell and a ludicrous plot but not without some laughs.

Seen a lot worse.

Abi Tucker film clip (collage below)



Johnny's comments:

Passion is the story of Percy Grainger, a celebrated Australian pianist from the early 20th century, who had a very complicated relationship with women, particularly his mother.

Pretty good movie, particularly the acting, but I wasn't entirely into the subject and don't know a whole lot about Grainger.  He seemed to like flagellation.

Emily Woof film clip (collage below)

Road from Coorain


Johnny's comments:

The Road From Coorain was a telemovie about ...

... yeah, I don't remember, something about a farm perhaps ...

Juliet Stevenson film clip (sample below)

"Killer Net"

(1998 TV mini-series)

Johnny's comments:

British mini-series from Lynda La Plante that I capped about 12 years ago and one day was going to recap and today is that day. The premise of Killer Net is basically this: when a girlfriend he met online is murdered, a man tries to clear his name and finds that a CD-ROM stalking game might hold the clues.

Dated badly but that's to be expected when dealing with anything to do with the Internet, particularly when set 17 years ago. In fact, it's surprisingly proficient in regards to the internet, considering there are TV shows/movies which are been made now that are still terrible at it. Far-fetched and more than a little paranoid, it's a tad ropey, but not that bad and holds the interest all the way through its 4 episodes. Apart from Emily Woof, Paul Bettany is the only really known actor and he plays a bit of dope here. It's all that particularly memorable, but for some reason I keep coming back to Killer Net, I reckon this is the third time I've watched now. Weird...

Cathy Brolly film clip (collages below)

Nicola Blackman film clip (sample below)

Raquel Cassidy film clip (sample below)

Sara Stephens film clip (sample below)

TV/Film Clips

The last of the best nude scene nominees: Alicia Vikander in The Danish Girl (2015)

Sonya Cullingford, also in The Danish Girl (2015)

Jessica Walker in episode two of Public Morals in 1080hd


Aubrey O'Day posted her bare butt on Instagram

Khloe Kardashian showing off her sexy new look

Chloe Moretz in a bikini on her latest film set

Abbey Lee Kershaw