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The last episode of Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce (e3) featured Lisa Edelstein dancing in a skimpy bikini

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today: season one, episode five

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Juno Temple

Johnny's comments:

 Horns is a absurd fantasy thriller where Ig (Daniel Radcliffe) is mourning the loss of the love of his life, Merrin (Juno Temple) after she was murdered. But, he's been charged with her murder and everyone in town thinks he killed her except his lawyer and good friend Lee (Max Minghella). As he escapes the town's and media's scrutiny, he has a one night stand with barmaid Glenna (Kelli Garner) and the next morning he wakes up and discovers that he has horns on his head, like the devil. These new found horns cause people to reveal their true desires to him and what he finds with the people he meets including his brother Terry (Joe Anderson) and his parents is quite disturbing, but it also helps him in discovering who really did murder Merrin. The answer might be closer to home than he realises.

Bizarre movie which has an unique take on the murder mystery and a fair amount of absurd humour along the way. That's not the say that there's still a bit of nasty stuff along the way, but that's what makes Horns a wild ride. Definitely one for the 'What the hell did I just watch file?', but I liked it nonetheless.

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