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Boardwalk Empire

season three

Gretchen Mol  - several 1080p film clips from episode 7

Silent Night


Latest Xmas slasher.

Cortney Palm: topless as very naughty model.

Courtney Jane White: very sexy in bra and panties as Santa's Helper.

Ali Tataryn: tied up in skivvies.

Kelly Wolfman: sexy but dead.

The Horses of McBride

(2012 TV Movie)

One of the few television movies which premiered this month which doesn't have an Xmas theme.

Kari Matchett: still sexy.

Laurence Anyways


Another Quebec movie.Viewers of the French-Canadian WIP drama series "Unite 9"may remember Suzanne Clement in her poignant role as the lesbian bulldyke.

Suzanne Clement: distant nude.

A trip to the wayback machine...

During the 1970s the press secretary for Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau was photographed sunbathing topless in France. The pictures appeared in Rustler magazine, volume two, number two. Her name is Suzanne Langford Perry but fans of Friends may know her as the mother of Matthew Perry.
Suzanne Perry


Film Clips

Who would have guessed that there would be some flesh in the syrupy PG-13 chick-flick, Pitch Perfect? Only Mr Skin, I guess. Thank God I didn't have to watch this movie to see this: Anna Camp showed some plumber's crack and an unintentional bit of areola.

various women in Autoerotic (2011)

Julie Engelbrecht, Maria Koestlinger and Nina Proll in one of the Mutig in die neuen Zeiten films (2005)

Dina Meyer (non-nude) in episode 11 of Secret Agent Man, a short-lived UPN series. (2000)

Sarah Alexander in the Nude Practice sketch in the first episode of Armstrong and Miller (1997)

Former Playboy POM and POY Kathy Shower in The Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck (1988). Mediocre quality clip, but one of the best nude scenes of all time. Trivia: Kathy Shower was the last Playmate to be born before the first Playboy issue was published in December of 1953. I don't know what she's up to now. The IMDb trail goes cold in 2001.


Amanda Seyfried slipped out a nipple in one of the many premieres of Les Miserables.

speaking of Les Miserables, here's Uma's vast cleavage from the 1998 non-singing version

Since Amy Adams is a big star now (and is about to play both Lois Lane and Janis Joplin), it seems like a good time to review the nudity and sexy stuff from her salad days and early successes:

The Fighter (see-through to breasts; 2010)

Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day (butt; 2008)

Sunshine Cleaning (topless; 2008)

The Wedding Date (really sexy braless; 2005)

Psycho Beach Party (butt; 2000)

Drop Dead Gorgeous (non-nude hardbody; 1999)