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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.









Emmanuelle 2


Something different from Aesthete today, not HD, but an all-time skin classic in DVD quality.

Film clips of Sylvia Kristel

Film clips of Sylvia Kristel and Catherine Rivet

Film clips of some other chick

Kristel stills and collages:

Rivet stills and collages:







Notes and collages

Body Heat


Kathleen Turner

Part 2



Yet another flesh classic from the 80s, the Golden Age of erotic thrillers and coming-of-age comedies.







Aria and Friends

Clips and caps from the quintessence of strip and wiggle disks, Aria & Friends.  Aria's friends turn out to be Penthouse Pet Aimee Sweet and pornstars Goldie McHorn, Nikita Denise and Mariah Milano.  As you would expect their wiggling reveals more than a modicum of pink and a wink of the ol' brown eye.  Julie Andrade comes along for the ride. Hers is a more demure performance, if you can call dancing starkers demure.  Also included is a clip of Pantera, who also appears to be a pornstar of some sort.  BTW, the caps were done by Master Tuna a long, long time ago - I stitched together two or more of them to make a single collage for each gal (except Pantera).

Part 6: Pantera film clip.
















Many more of Amy Winehouse topless. This time in higher definition, which is of dubious value given that it's Winehouse, and a little blurring might ease the pain on the eyes.

Ereka Eleniak in Under Siege - in 1920x1080 res.

One of those Olsen twins, I dunno which is which, showing some nipple through her blouse??

Elizabeth Taylor's character in Reflections in a Golden Eye. Is it really La Liz? Sources say it is not.


Film Clips

Bai Ling in The Gene Generation. Sample right.
Italian actress Dalila di Lazzaro in Una donna in fuga
Isabelle Huppert and Hannah Schygulla, two old-timers from the film nudity hall of fame, show they "they still got it" in 2007's Storia di Piera. Samples right.
A different look at Eliza Dushku in The Alphabet Killer. Looks like it might be a little clearer source. Samples right.
On the subject of Dushku, here's the other half of her T&A combo in Nobel Son. She seems to have a great body. What a shame she took so long to get comfortable showing it.

More Italian goodies: Laura Torrisi in Una Moglie Bellissima

Here is a much better film clip of Alice Braga and Julianne Moore in Blindness.

I have no freakin' idea who Kaera Uehara is, but this is one helluva hot scene in The Forbidden Legend