Uncle Scoopy's Humor House
  • From Woodstock until now: the home page of the rock group the defined a generation. The Maulers. You may not immediately recognize the name, but unless you are a machine or a cyborg, their discography will draw a tear of emotion from your eyes, even if you are an ex Navy Seal or a crash testing dummy.
  • The one charity Scoopy Jr and I tithe 95% of our earnings to: the society to prevent mime. I guess my favorite was the famous French underwater mime, Marcel Cousteau.
  • From PAL
  • Another Fun House Exclusive! PAL doesn't have a site of his own, but just about everything he's ever done has graced our page. So enjoy this little holiday gift of vidcaps. First up, for our "Pacific Blue" fans (both of you) here's Darlene Vogel topless in a love scene from "Ring of Steel".
  • Next, here's Helen Mirren from "The Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover". I'm personally waiting for part two. I hear it's being produced by the WWF. It's going to be called "The Cook the Thief, His Wife, Her Lover, The Favour, the Watch and the Very Big Fish VS. Bob, Carol, Ted and Alice and the Restless and the Ugly". It's a cage match to the death!
  • From the movie Search and Destroy", here's full frontal 'caps of Laurie Godet.
  • Mimsy Farmer, from "Les Suspects".
  • Finally from PAL, Olivia Brunaux in "Vent de panique".
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Magicman helps us remember a year of Selena. Here are some spectacular images of Jennifer Lopez from FHM. First up, topless, but concealed.
  • Ms. Lopez all decked out in green. Sexy green undies, and just barely a see-thru top. Also from FHM I believe.
  • Jennifer and lots of skin.
  • Boatfan
  • Rose McGowan and her "dress" as seen earlier this year. If she had worn that thing anywhere other than at an award show, she would have been picked up for public indecency. I actually just saw "The Doom Generation" last night. Trust me, save the $3.50 for stocking stuffers or something.
  • Fun House Variety
  • From Elliffen Graphix, here are 'caps of Meredyth Holmes from the movie "Alien Abduction: Intimate Secrets". Sadly folks, I've seen that movie. Good ol' Skinemax!
  • Finally today, from Johnny Web, here's supermodel Adriana Sklenarikova. This scan was taken from "Sirens", a collection of photos by Marco Glaviano.