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Jessica Lange film clip (DVD quality; samples below)






Anna Paquin in True Blood, s2e1

Anna Paquin in True Blood, s2e2

Karin Field in Night of the Vampires (1964!!)

Christine Nguyen explicit


Film Clips

Vera Farmiga in In Tranzit (2008; 1920x816; sample below)

Nathalie Press in In Tranzit (2008; 1920x816; sample below)

Sativa Verte in Rotkappchen (2005; sample below)

a different version of Laura Chiatti in Io Ioro e Lara (2010; sample below)

Laura Ramsey in Somewhere (2010; sample below)

CC Sheffield in Somewhere (2010; sample below)

Nicole Triunfio in Somewhere (2010; sample below)

Natacha Regnier in The Dream-Life of Angels (1998; sample below)

Laura Fraser and Heather Weeks in Left Luggage (1998; sample below)

Nora Huetz in Krankheit der Jugend (2010; sample below)

Anne Parillaud in Shattered Image (1998)

Sandrine Bonnaire in A nos amours (1983)