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Dann's comments:

I had never heard of this 2005 drama/thriller, and after seeing it, I'm surprised, because it is excellent; a hard-hitting drama that turns thriller as things begin to reveal themselves, and nothing is what it originally seemed.

Michael had taken his younger brother Dylan and run away from home, and as the film progresses, flashbacks reveal it was to protect Dylan from the same abuse that Michael had endured as a kid.

Working in a convenience store while Dylan must stay holed up in a cheap motel room, only allowed to go out at night to play, Michael works hard to save money so that they can get further away from their parents, and improve their life. Things get more complicated, however, when he falls for his co-worker Carly (Robin Tunney), who is six years older than him, and comes with her own baggage.

An excellent story and script with some real twists at the end, and a great performance by all the actors, make this one a must-see.


Robin Tunney


HQ versions of the famous Natalie Portman topless beach pictures. Hard to believe that this happened ten years ago (as of next month).



Tamara Mellon topless. This one just happened this week.

Tila Tequila upskirt

Monica Bellucci in Don't Look Back


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