Erotique (1994) is a collection of four erotic films on one DVD. In a theatrical release, only three of the films were included, and the missing film is my favorite of the three. These are all written and directed by women, and are decidedly from the women's point of view.

Let's Talk About Sex is by American Lizzie Borden.
Taboo Parlor is by German Monika Treut.
Final Call is by Brazilian Ana Maria Magalh„es.
Won Ton Soup is by Australian Clara Law

NOTE: several people have pointed out that the nudity in Let's Talk About Sex was Kamala Lopez-Dawson's character, but not her. I have been unable to identify the actress who appears naked in the fantasy sequence.

Tonight, the second two films.

"Final Call"

Final Call has a young teacher, ClŠudia Ohana, boarding a train in a small Brazilian town, on her way to Rio, then a flight to New York, to get her masters in English. A photographer, Tonico Pereira, who has been photographing the rural settings, is on the same train on his way back to Rio. Each notices the other, and both like what they see. Two creeps nearly rape her in a compartment, and Pereira rescues her. After giving a statement to the police in the next town, they have missed their train, and he takes her to a small inn he knows, where the two continue to get to know each other. The next day, he takes her to his "private place," a pool and waterfall, and they become intimate. They go on to Rio, but get a room together there. She is now faced with a choice. Will she go to New York and her masters studies, or stay with this man that she is totally taken with? Ohana shows breasts and buns in multiple sex scenes. This was the most ordinary of the four films in terms of the sex. It was a straightforward instant love affair, with nothing kinky. It made a great contrast to the original three films in the collection, providing a balance to the collection.

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  • Claudia Ohana (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22)

    "Wonton Soup"

    Wonton Soup is the story of an Australian of Chinese decent, whom his cousin describes as yellow on the outside and white on the inside, who arrives in Hong Kong for a week with his true love, a more traditional Chinese woman. The sex is hot, but she talks about splitting up. Back home, his cousin suggests that his lack of familiarity with Chinese culture might be the problem, and he remembers that she has said he was not Chinese enough for her. So, he tries to become Chinese before their next visit. He masters Chinese cooking, and his cousin teaches him from the Chinese equivalent of the Kama Sutra. This time, he tries every acrobatic position he has learned from the book, cooks her a meal, and actually treasures and honors her. It is clear that he is still a long ways from being truly Chinese, and his sexual gymnastics end up causing her to laugh hysterically, but his effort may be enough for her. Hayley Man, as the girlfriend, shows breasts and buns during the lengthy bout of sexual gymnastics.

    Critics were not kind to the three film version that played the festival circuit, but there was little agreement as to why, or even which was the best segment. Probably the comment that I agreed with most was that the offering didn't really have a target audience. Taboo Parlor sent some men running from the theater, and the sexuality in Let's Talk About Sex and Wonton Soup is not typical women's masturbation fantasy material, so it is not clear whom the films are intended for. The addition of Final Call, with it's romance novel idyllic love story and hot, passionate sex with a sensitive, artistic hunk balances the collection in my opinion, and makes it worth the watch. This DVD is a C- as women's erotica. All four films are technically good, and have strong stories, good acting, and lots of nudity, but many of the situations are too far from mainstream sexual tastes for a higher rating.

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  • Hayley Man (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26)

  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)


    Secretary is quite a powerful movie, which is also very sexy in an offbeat kind of way. Like so many movies today, it is an offbeat blend of comedy and drama. I don't know if this statement makes any sense, but it is a tender and romantic S&M story, sort of a "Tom Hanks as the Marquis de Sade" kind of thing. It explores the dominant/submissive relationship in a relationship in which it is gratifying for both parties.

     We haven't had that vote yet for the sexiest nude scene of 2002, but this has to be a contender. I liked this scene even better than Salma's lesbian scene in Frida, Maggie Gyllenhall is stark naked for what seems like two minutes while the camera explores her body from various angles.

    Unfortunately, I couldn't do much with the images, because the nude scene occurred at the exact time that they chose to place their message:  "For awards consideration only. Not for sale or rental." So all you get is the raw images, text and all, but trust me on this, you won't mind. Even with the words, you can see that this scene is a winner.

    • Maggie Gyllenhaal. She was nominated for a Golden Globe for this performance. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13)



    Here's the info page for Contempt (Pictures in yesterday's edition)



    • New Encyclopedia volumes for Robin Tunney, Liv Tyler, Dyanne Thorne, Jeanne Tripplehorn
    • revised/updated volumes for Charlize Theron, Jennifer Tilly, Anna Thompson, Kathleen Turner, Uma Thurman, Shannon Tweed

    Other crap:

    'Caps and comments by Hankster:

    As promised here's the rest of Rene Bond in 1972's "Please Don't Eat My Mother", we see Rene ready to seduce Buck Kartalian after he fed her husbands body to the human eating plant, but alas the plant snatches up Rene before Buck can Score. Interesting side note on Rene she left the movie business in 1978, but showed up in 1978 on the TV game show "Break the Bank", winning $9,000. dollars and other prizes. She became a "bankruptcy specialist" after leaving behind her movie career.

    • Rene Bond, excellent breasts and full frontal views (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

    We move on to a quick look at 1993's "Angel Eyes" with Monique Gabrielle and Rachel Vickers displaying their charms. This was a lousy DVD transfer, so I did not waste a lot of time on it.

    • Rachel Vickers
    • Monique Gabrielle (1, 2)
    • Monique Gabrielle and Rachel Vickers together in the shower (1, 2, 3)

    'Caps and comments by Oz:

    Celebrity Sleuth has had a few athletes recently in the FH, which is coincidental as another book of Australia athletes has just been released. One is Penny Taylor. She's an Australian basketball player, but also plays for Cleveland Rockers in the WNBA and is in this year's WNBA All Star team. The pole vaulter Tatiana Grigorieva rated a mention a few days ago and I've added a non-nude scan of her.

    A series of Hammer Horror films follows, all based on the many incarnations of Dracula. Not a lot of nudity, just a lot of cleavage.

    "Twins of Evil"
    The Twins of Evil is based around Mary and Madeleine Collinson, Playboy's first centrefold twins in October 1970. Actually, only Madeleine is the evil one in the movie. Plenty of Madeleine's bosom and just the hint of bush. There's full frontal nudity by Maggie Wright but it is slightly obscured by a thin sheet. Plenty of lovely cleavage by Mary Collinson, Katya Wyeth, Judy Matheson and Luan Peters.

    "Scars of Dracula"
    The nudity in Scars of Dracula comes from Delia Lindsay, a hint of nipple and plenty of backside. Anouska Hempel, Jenny Hanley and Wendy Hamilton provide the cleavage.

    "Dracula - Prince of Darkness"
    There's only cleavage by Barbara Shelley in Dracula - Prince of Darkness.

    "Some Girl"
    Juliette Lewis is topless in Some Girl but she must be getting shy in her old age. What looks like a nipple in the second collage is, I think, just a nipple patch.

    • Juliette Lewis (1, 2, 3)

    Conamara is one of those sloppy Irish movies, that tries to be arty-farty with hand-held camera work and the like. Makes it look like it was filmed by a drunken sailor. It stars Ellen Ten Damme, who goes topless as does Rosaleen Linehan. Not 100% certain of Rosaleen's identity as she appears to be called by two different names, which are both in the credits.

    Continuing the arty-farty movies, we have Jenna G in the British film Strumpet. A lot of the time she was naked and playing the guitar. Only for the completely bored.

    • Jenna G (1, 2, 3)

    "The Man from Hong Kong"
    The Man from Hong Kong is an Australian movie. It is a poor man's Jackie Chan movie, without the elan. The brief topless nudity comes from Rebecca Gilling. Ros Spiers is topless but nothing is visible.

    "Colossus: The Forbin Project"
    Susan Clark takes her top off in Colossus - the Forbin Project but the goodies are carefully hidden in a way that reminds me of Austin Powers.

    "Still Crazy"
    A brief nipple is visible in Still Crazy by an unnamed actress.

    "Some Kind of Wonderful"
    Lea Thompson is found in her underwear in Some Kind of Wonderful.

    "Saint Jude"
    Likewise for Liane Balaban in Saint Jude. The only question is, how many pairs of knickers is she wearing?

    "The Man with One Red Shoe"
    A bit of butt crack by Lori Singer in The Man with One Red Shoe.

    "Morgan's Ferry"
    I'm not sure but I think there's a bit of Kelly McGillis' nipple showing in Morgan's Ferry. Maybe a DVD of the movie might be able to settle it.

    "Full Moon High"
    Joanne Nail A bit of see-through action by Joanne Nail in Full Moon High.

    The Ultimate Cast
    As many readers know, Scoop and I are always on the look out for the "best of the worst" casting in movies (like movies starring Eric Roberts, Michael Madsen and William Forsythe). Well on the TV front, I have found a new entry for our list....

    I admit it, I am a "Law and Order" junkie (classic, not the new versions), and two nights ago while watching a re-run on TNT, there was an episode that guest starred Gary Busey and Joe Piscopo! Now there's a dynamic duo!