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TV Recap

Actually, not exactly TV. I never know what to call these made-for-Netflix kind of shows. They're not really TV shows and they're not really webisodes, but something new. This one is not actually produced by Netflix, but rather by Crackle, which is a subscription service run by SONY.


Season two is now online.
Sarah Roemer. This is from s2e4. Sadly, the exposure is minimal.

  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


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"The Sopranos"



Theresa Lynn and unidentified

The caps for this week are from 2008.

Today's teasers:

Bachelor Party in the Bungalow of the Damned

Monique Dupree,

Zoe Hunter

and an unidentified woman are topless in the shocker of a movie Bachelor Party in the Bungalow of the Damned (2008).

Kaitlyn Gutkes looks interesting.

Boogeyman 3

Some nice boobs on show in Boogeyman 3 (2008) by Mimi Michaels,

Nikki Sanderson

and an unidentified woman.

Jayne Wisener

and Kate Maberly are down to their underwear.

Devil's Mistress

Andrea Riseborough is topless in Devil's Mistress aka The Devil's Whore (2008).

The Eye

The Eye (2008) has no visible nudity but Jessica Alba is so good looking.

Finding Amanda

The nudity in Finding Amanda (2008) is by a topless unidentified stripper.

Jennifer Rau

and LeeAnn Taylor look good.

Flirting with Forty

Flirting with Forty (2008) has Heather Locklear showing the signs of her plastic surgery but her body looks good.

High School Musical 3: Senior Year

As you'd expect, there's no nudity in High School Musical 3: Senior Year (2008) but Ashley Tisdale

and Vanessa Hudgens look very sexy.

one more of Tisdale in the special features

Killer Movie

There's no nudity in Killer Movie (2008) but Cyia Batten,

Kaley Cuoco

and Torrey DeVitto look good.

Meet the Spartans

No visible nudity in Meet the Spartans (2008) but a number of women show cleavage:

Carmen Electra

Crista Flanagan

Emily Wilson

Nicole Parker

A number not identified

The Other Man

Laura Linney shows her breasts in The Other Man (2008).


Lots of breasts on show in Shred (2008) by Amber Leiterman

and lots not identified.


Live Tyler is down to her underwear in Smother (2008).

Sunshine Cleaning

Amy Adams is in her underwear in Sunshine Cleaning (2008).


Angelina Jolie shows her bum in Wanted (2008)

and Kristen Hager is in her underwear.

What Happens in Vegas

No nudity in What Happens in Vegas (2008) just cleavage and underwear on show by Cameron Diaz,

Krysten Ritter,

Lake Bell

and Valerie Orlik.

You Don't Mess with the Zohan

The only nudity in You Don't Mess with the Zohan (2008) is Lainie Kazan's bum, although it may not be hers.

The other women look good: Emmanuelle Chriqui,

Lina So,

Mariah Carey,

Vanessa Long

Tesis Sobre Un Homicidio


Johnny's comments:

Tesis Sobre un Homicidio (Thesis on a Homicide) is an Argentinean thriller where a criminal law professor Roberto Bermúdez (Ricardo Darín) is teaching his yearly, fast paced, 8 week course. Joining the selected few in the class is the son of an old friend Ruiz (Alberto Ammann). As the course begins, a serial killer begins his spree, with the second murder victim found outside of the classroom during a break in class. Roberto hasn't been actively involved in a case for a while and becomes intrigued by the case when he meets the sister of the classroom victim Laura (Calu Rivero) and forms a connection with her. As he uncovers some clues, he begins to suspect that Ruiz may be the killer and when Ruiz starts dating Laura, Roberto becomes convinced that she will be the next victim and becomes desperate to stop Ruiz.

Pretty stock standard procedural that never really breaks out from cliche. The whole master and apprentice idea has been done to death. Even with Ricardo Darin, who is always good, this movie never really fires.

Calu Rivero 1080p film clips, (sample below)

Augusta Simonini in 1080p film clips (sample below)

Annie Fink in 1080p film clips (sample below)

Los Ultimos Dias


Johnny's comments:

Los Últimos Días (The Last Days) is an apocalyptic thriller set in the days after a mysterious virus has gradually enveloped the population, making people become fearful of the outside world to the point that being outside causes such an irrational fear leading to heart failure. Inside a building where he works, Marc (Quim Gutiérrez) volunteers to go through a tunnel that leads to the underground as he is desperate to reunite with his pregnant partner Julia (Marta Etura). With the help of a GPS and an unlikely ally in corporate headhunter Enrique (Jose Coronado), they navigate the growing anarchy and the tension that had already existed between the two.

From the Pastor brothers, directors of the similarly themed Carriers, Los Últimos Días is a movie that has an excellent premise that is well presented, but inevitably gets bogged down in the usual apocalyptic cliches that have become the norm for all of those movies. Which is a shame because there's some great stuff here and has a hopeful ending that is pretty well done.

Marta Etura 1080 film clips (sample below)

TV/Film Clips

It's an evil queen Cersei film festival!

Lena Headey in Aberdeen (2000)

Lena Headey in Waterland (1992)

Marie De Geer and Elisabet Wallin in Adalen 31 (1969)


Miranda Kerr