TV Round-Up

Reality Show closed off its run with an episode which was even darker than anything which had gone before. The husband caught his wife in the act of cheating. He bludgeoned her and her lover with a fireplace poker before finishing each of them off with a gunshot to the head. Meanwhile, the daughter is also caught cheating by her boyfriend, who then sends all their sex films to the internet. We later learn that she has committed suicide. All this happens after the three of them run over the family dog. All the violence is graphic and realistic.

Mind you, this is theoretically a comedy!

Here is Kelley Hensley as the cheating wife.

Here is Monika Tilling as the daughter.

2012 Nude Scenes

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Boardwalk Empire

season three

Kathryn Barnhardt - 1080p film clip from episode 5

Film Clips

Stephanie Stacy and Holly Kay Baker in Creep Van (2012)



Veronica Adkinson, also in Creep Van

Alice de Lencquesaing in La tete la premiere (2012)

Sophie Rundle in Episodes (s2e6). One of this year's Top 20 in 1080p.

Noelle DuBois in Night Vision (2012)

Nicole Fiore in the immoprtal cinema classic, Mr Bricks (2011)

Julie Graham in Dirty Tricks (2000)


Kaitlyn Leeb in Total Recall

Kate Beckinsale in Total Recall. Yeah, I know she's fully dressed, but she's Kate Fuckin' Beckinsale.