"Robin Hood: Men in Tights" from Tuna

Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993) Mel Brooks lambastes the Robin Hood legend. It is classic Brooks, full of Yiddish expressions, homages to other films, including his own, third wall violations, period anachronisms (a remote control to close the castle gate), and over-the-top characters. At times, it is downright silly. It more or less follows the classic Robin Hood legends, but Maid Marion has a chastity belt and no key, Robin's sidekick is Achoo, and his faithful servant is blind. Tracy Ullman is wonderful as the old crone Latrine, who has the hots for the Sheriff of Rottingham.

Marian is played by the lovely Amy Yasbeck. WHen we first see her, she is in the bath, wearing nothing but her chastity belt. Her breasts are mostly covered by her long hair, but I managed to find one definite nip slip, and I am not sure how much we are seeing in a few other frames.

IMDb readers say 5.6. US box office was $35.7 Meg. It is much nearer the bottom than the top of his films in popularity.

1974 Young Frankenstein 8.0
1968 The Producers 7.8
1974 Blazing Saddles 7.7
1987 Spaceballs 6.6
1970 The Twelve Chairs 6.5
1977 High Anxiety 6.4
1981 History of the World: Part I 6.3
1976 Silent Movie 6.3
1993 Robin Hood: Men in Tights 5.6
1991 Life Stinks 4.9
1995 Dracula: Dead and Loving It 4.6

I was in the mood for a Mel Btrooks film, and really enjoyed it, While not his best effort, it is pretty entertaining if you are in the right mood. C.

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    Nicole Kidman Possibly playing somewhere in a theater near you...LC 'caps of Kidman topless in a love scene from "Birth". As a reminder, this has been a controversial film since its festival premiere. It's a bout 10 year old boy who seems to be the reincarnation of a woman's dead husband. The big fuss was about a kiss and shared bath scene. You can read all about it in the Scoopy.com movie review.

    Robin Tunney Here's an excellent collage of 'caps by Finn featuring Tunney topless in scenes from the 2001 movie "Investigating Sex". Currently this is not available on home video.

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    Hatcher wearing some semi-see-thru lingerie on Sunday night's episode of "Desperate Housewives". There is also plenty of cleavage.

    Paz Vega The Spanish babe you can currently see on the big screen in the Adam Sandler movie "Spanglish". Here she is going full frontal in scenes from "Lucía y el sexo" aka "Sex and Lucia" (2001).

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    Pat Reeder www.comedy-wire.com
    Pat's comments in yellow...

    Don't Pick It! - A guitar played by George Harrison in two Beatles movies sold for $567,500 in a Christie's auction. But other music memorabilia, such as Elvis' Army trenchcoat and Keith Richards' guitar from the mid-'60s, failed to bring the minimum bids.

  • That's because George Harrison died very recently, and Elvis and Keith Richards have both been corpses for years.
  • The joke's on them: Keith's guitar has over a million dollars worth of drugs hidden inside it.
  • Lisa Marie sold the rights to her dad just in time.

    Good Timing! - Friday, Michael Jackson greeted about 200 children who were invited to the Neverland Ranch for a Christmas play date. When one child shouted, "We love you," Michael replied, "I love you more." But instead of staying to play with the kids, he put an umbrella over his head, walked away, and got into a vehicle that took him away.

  • A paddy wagon?
  • Was he accompanied by large men in white coats?
  • Kids aren't afraid of Michael's face...They love him like they love E.T.