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"The Sopranos"



Bernadette Penotti

The caps for this week are from 2008.

Today's teasers:


The nudity in Animals (2008) is by a topless Eva Amurri

and Nicki Aycox.

Heidi Shepherd

 and an unidentified woman look good.

Senior Skip Day

The nudity in Senior Skip Day (2008) comes from a topless Jessica Morris.

Plenty of other lovely looking women:

Diane Hudock - Dita DeLeon - JamiMiller

Diane Hudock

Dita DeLeon

Kayla Ewell

Lea Thompson

Lindsey Axelsson

Tara Reid

Some not identified



Alicia Sanz 1080p film clips, Alicia Sanz HD captures, (collages below)

Andrea Dueso 1080p film clips, (sample below)

various women in 1080p film clips (sample below)

Tres 60


Sara Salamo 1080 film clips, Sara Salamo HD captures, (collages below)

TV/Film Clips

Rose McIver, the cutie from Masters of Sex, flashes her cute butt in Blinder (2013) in 720p

Emily Crawford in Killing Striptease (2002)

Simone Thomalla in a 1999 episode of Tatort (Bienzle und die blinde Wut) in 720p

Lisa Comshaw in Scandalous Behavior (1999)

Lena Headey, evil queen Cersei herself at 24, in Mrs Dalloway (1997) in 1080p

Fron the vault of obscurity: Gruschenka Stevens in Deathline (1996) in VHS

Anne Kasprik in a 1990 episode of Polizeiruf 110 (Falscher Jasmin) in 720p