Blade Runner

Three words: Sean Young topless.

Yeah, you read that right.

I've been waiting 25 years for this!

I'm the ultimate Blade Runner fanboy. It was the first movie I ever watched on DVD. It was the first movie I ever watched in high definition. Now I've been through just about every nook and cranny of the new 5-disk set, which has FIVE different versions of the film on three disks, plus two more disks full of special features, including 47 minutes worth of alternate and deleted scenes.

Some of the deleted material is crap, but there are three things of great interest in the deleted scenes:

(1) Deckerd has two long conversations with fellow blade runner Holden, who is kept alive in some kind of iron lung after his encounter with Leon. (These scenes are not on the linked video.)

(2) A couple of seconds of Joanna Cassidy's butt, almost seen through panties which are nearly diaphanous. (First couple of seconds of the linked clip.)

(3) A sex scene between Rachel and Deckerd. It is one of the more romantic sex scenes I've ever seen, performed beautifully by both of them, with the additional kicker of Sean Young's bare breasts. I wish this had been finished off properly and left in the film, but I'm thrilled to get it in any format, even if it is this raw and unrestored footage. (The linked video consists almost entirely of this scene.)

Film clip here. Samples below.






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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








Oesters van Name Kee



Oesters van Nam Kee is a tragic love story from The Netherlands, starring Katja Schuurman as Thera, a young exotic dancer, and Egbert Jan Weeber as Berry, a High School dropout from a good family who is hanging around with thugs. The film has not been seen much outside of Holland, although it was shown at one festival in North America and one in Germany.

The film opens with Berry doing something with a gun, then fleeing to an old family home in France. The rest of the story is a flashback to the 5 months leading to that moment.

Berry meets Thera while selling some devil's horns he took from the scene of a hit and run accident (they belonged to the victim). She bought a pair, and then the two went out for Chinese food,  thus the title, which translates, "Oysters at Nam Kee's." The date ends badly, but she gives him a card and suggests that he see her dance at work. The two eventually end up in bed together, and quickly become inseparable. They plot some way to get enough money to travel, and finally hit upon a scheme that nets them enough. They check into a high class hotel to wait for travel arrangements, but the relationship starts to unravel, and then she has an epileptic seizure, is hospitalized, and her mother chases Berry off. He does not react well.

The first act works well, although it was never clear why Thera would date a kid like Berry, but the film goes rapidly downhill along with their relationship. In my opinion, the film exists to show Katja Schuurman's body in full body nudity in the hot sex scenes, which are the best part of the film. Given her body, maybe that is reason enough.

The DVD is available from on a region-free PAL disc with optional English subtitles.

Oesters van Name Kee



Katja Schuurman


unknown (mostly deleted scenes)












Today we do one of my favorites, Elsa Pataky, in "Ninette." Not a whole lot of skin, but she is just so hot and she does have a really nice behind.






Notes and collages


Linda Hamilton







"The Hunger"

The second season of The Hunger was weaker than the first one and probably one of its biggest flaws was that they replaced Terence Stamp with David Bowie, who is way over the top in the intros, and lost all the irony that Stamp employed.

Episode: SKIN DEEP

A lesbian (Kim Feeney) is infatuated with an erotic dancer (Sarain Boylan) and is introduced to a world of pleasure and pain.

Kim Feeney

Sarain Boylan







A film clip of Sharon Stone's most famous scene, this time in high definition


Johnny Moronic continues to stay on top of the lusty Asuusie nighttime soap called Satisfaction. (It's about a frou-frou brothel.) The film clips feature Alison Whyte and Diana Glenn, The pics below show Whyte except the one on the far right, which shows Diana

A film clip of Kristyn Green in Dead Man's Hand (sample right)
A film clip of Robin Sydney in Dead Man's Hand (sample right)






The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

The publisher of Lynne Spears' book on how to be a parent said it has not been canceled, but has been "indefinitely delayed."

*  First, they have to bring out a book called "How To Sing," by William Shatner.

Pete Bethune of New Zealand sold everything he owned to build an eco-friendly boat called Earthrace that has a zero carbon footprint and is powered by biofuel made from human fat.  He hopes to break the round-the-world speed record to demonstrate its technology.  He and two volunteers underwent liposuction, creating enough fuel to travel 8 nautical miles.  But he needs a lot more fat: the boat has a 3,000-gallon fuel tank, and the trip is over 24,000 nautical miles.

*  This is perfect for cruise ships!  As long as the buffets are open, they'll never have to put into port for fuel again! 

*  If we have engines that run on liposuctioned fat, America will be energy independent overnight.

The Sun reports that British Airways employees are up in arms after a steward was suspended for eating a muffin that a passenger left untouched on a tray instead of throwing it into the garbage.  Co-workers accuse the airline of acting like a police state.  BA first said they "take all allegations of theft extremely seriously," but later denied that the muffin was the reason for the suspension.    

*  He ate airline food on purpose, so they suspended him for insanity.

New Scientist magazine reports that new research reveals that most people who play rock-paper-scissors start with paper because they expect their opponents to start with rock, so you can get an early lead if you always start by picking scissors.

* This research made possible by a $10 million federal grant.

The latest casualty of the TV writers' strike is the People's Choice Awards, which have been canceled.

* Ironically, it was many people's choice that this be canceled.