Hey, it's Daisy Duke!

The real Daisy, not that new one, showing off her excellent chest in a short film clip from Nicole. This was a grade-B film made in 1978, one year before Dukes of Hazzard hit the small screen.

(zipped .wmv)

Best nude scene of the year

It's that time again. We're on the nominating process.

Here is my list of the scenes which I believe to be valid contenders for best scene. In essence this is my hypothetical list of anything that could possibly be considered the best nude scene of the year. It should include anything which people could possibly pick with their one and only vote. I assembled this list from this longer list. If I have forgotten anything, or if some of the ones on the linked secondary list should make the short list, please let me know by mailing me here.

  • Carla Gallo in Carnivale
  • Mia Kirshner in The L-Word
  • Juliet Marquis in This Girl's Life
  • Stormy Daniels in The 40-Year-Old Virgin
  • Emily Blunt in My Summer of Love
  • Embeth Davitz in Junebug (??)
  • Alison Eastwood in The Lost Angel
  • Margo Stilley in 9 Songs
  • Bryce Dallas Howard in Manderlay
  • Alexis Dziena in Broken Flowers
  • Jamie King in Sin City
  • Carla Gugino in Sin City
  • Alison Lohman in Where the Truth Lies
  • Lori Heuring in 8mm2
  • Zita Gorog in 8mm2
  • Bijou Phillips in Havoc
  • Anne Hathaway in Havoc
  • Anne Hathaway in Brokeback Mountain
  • Jacyln DeSantis in Carlito's Way: The Rise to Power
  • Michelle Krusiec in Saving Face
  • Lynn Chen in Saving Face
  • Joan Allen in Off the Map
  • Jenny McCarthy in Dirty Love
  • Emma de Caunes in Ma Mere
  • Joana Preis in Ma Mere
  • Vera Farmiga in Down to the Bone
  • Felicity Hufmann in Transamerica
  • Maria Bello in A History of Violence
  • Michelle Monaghan in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
  • Kate Norby in The Devil's Rejects
  • Taryn Manning in Hustle and Flow
  • Keira Knightley in The Jacket
  • Jennifer Esposito in Crash
  • Rachel Weisz in The Constant Gardener
  • Alison Pill in Dear Wendy

Again, don't write me to tell me I missed a stray nipple somewhere, but DO write if my list does not include the one film you would vote for as the best nude scene of the year.

Other Crap:

Britney Spears sues "Us"
  • "To sum up, Spears maintains that (a) there is no Pam-and-Tommy tape; (b) there was no threatened leak; (c) there was no viewing party for lawyers; (d) 'there was no laughter, disgust or goofy behavior while watching the video...because they did not watch any video...because there is no such video."

Shocking Guns - I Want One Of Those

  • when you shoot your mate (and you better make sure it's that way round), instead of there just being a lame beep, your mate gets an electric shock through the handle of their gun. Now, how neat is that?! There are two levels of shock - wimp or tough guy.

Dress your Gay Dog

"Keira Knightley WILL be starring in Silk, adapted from the novella by Alessandro Baricco. It is likely she will play silkworm trader Herve Joncour's wife Helene, as stated by the Daily Mail story which first mentioned the role last week. The movie will be directed by Francois Girard who has redrafted Baricco's original screenplay. Filming is set for mid 2006, inbetween Pirates DMC and final work on Pirates 3."

Hacking the Animated Singing Santa!

SNL - The Chronic of Narnia Rap

"More than 100 women in undies marched through Sydney today to make a point about body image," although nobody seems to know exactly which point.

"A 19-year-old student spent three agonizing days with a toothbrush lodged in her stomach - after she accidentally swallowed it and nobody would believe her."

  • This story from the Phuket Gazette, an online English newspaper for Phuket, Thailand
  • Their motto: "The news fit to print? Phuket"
  • I was wondering where to find a toothbrush-swallowing story, but then I just figured "Phuket"
  • Their tourism motto: "If you can't get to Bangkok - Phuket instead!"

A teaser from Date Movie

  • Alyson Hannigan, Adam Campbell, Eddie Griffin, Fred Willard, Jennifer Coolidge, Sophie Monk, Carmen Electra
  • "From the writers of 'Scary Movie' and 'Spy Hard' comes this spoof on romantic comedies. Hannigan plays the lead, while Campbell plays her romantic interest. Griffin is Hannigan's father, while Coolidge and Willard are Campbell's parents."

Six face trial for 'Scream' theft, but the famous painting is still missing.


MovieJuice! reviews King Kong

  • "... the story of a misunderstood beast ripped from his natural habitat and cruelly exhibited for the public's entertainment, much like Dan Rather"
  • "...most of Adrien's action challenges him to stare wide-eyed in wonder, as if he's momentarily possessed by Dakota Fanning."

IGN: Patience 360: Ten Reasons to Wait for PS3

WWTDD suggests: Jessica Simpson is enhanced - in the lips (I don't know or care about that, but read the comments!)

Conclusive proof: NASA fakes moon landing!

The teaser announcement for X3

Bill Clinton has reportedly recorded a video message for Elton John's 'hen night'.

  • Clinton says: "If there were more people in the world like Elton, then the world would be a better place. And more important, there would be more chicks free!"

Again, don't write me to tell me that I missed a stray nipple somewhere, but DO write if my list does not include the one scene you would vote for as the best of the year.

The Saugeen Stripper of Western Ontario - Here's the story

The Saugeen Stripper -here are the pictures

Gavin, the Dancing Penis

  • "This animation test for Gavin, the penis protagonist of an as yet untitled comedy in development by Opiate Films, left jaws hanging when it was presented as part of a marketing package in Cannes."

The trailer from Rescue Dawn

  • "Christian Bale and Steve Zahn will star in 'Rescue Dawn,' an action drama by Werner Herzog and based on the director's acclaimed 1997 documentary, 'Little Dieter Needs to Fly'. The film recounts the true story of German-born Dieter Dengler, who dreamed of being a pilot and eventually made his way to the United States, where he joined the military during the Vietnam War era. He was shot down over Vietnam and captured. Eventually he organized an escape with a small band of captives. Bale will play Dengler, and Zahn will play an ill-looking and bent POW."

A miraculous day for the Washington Redskins.

  • They seemed to be just about out of the playoffs, but they won in a week when Dallas, Atlanta, Minnesota and Tampa Bay all lost, thus vaulting them into the #6 spot. (They'd be in if the season had ended today.) They have it in their own hands. They have beaten Dallas twice face-to-face, and have an 8-2 conference record, so they're lookin' good on tie-breakers.

Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.




Girl Boss Guerilla (1973)

Another Woman (2000) is episode 4 from the first season of the couples erotica series Bedtime Stories. The premise is that hostess Kim Dawson fulfills women's fantasies. In this episode, Nikki Fritz wants to watch her husband, Richard Moses, have sex with another woman, so they do it with Tess Broussard.

This is a by-the-numbers couples erotica offering. The four sex scenes start with a slow dolly shot of the woman, topless, sitting in the man's lap, facing the camera, move on to cowgirl, then missionary. To their credit, they usually only had one candle in the foreground. They did use two different sets, but the photography was too dark, again, as usual.

Nikki Fritz shows all three Bs. Even though completely naked, Tess Broussard only showed breasts, which drops this one from a C to a C-.


Nikki Fritz
Tess Broussard






Chelsea Blue in "The Best Sex Ever"



This film is called "Eksi diestrammenes zitoun dolofono," - a literal translation would be "6 perverted women looking for a killer." The film is mainly of interest to the true connoisseur of the Greco-trash bad movie genre (if such a person exists).  It's a virtually plotless Greek sexploitation film which centers around a company of men and women in a house by the sea, scheming against each other, having sex and getting killed. Frankly, it hardly makes any sense, although there are people who have compared it to an arthouse drama.

At one point or another, hardcore inserts were shot to make it more interesting, but the version I saw was cut. The sex scenes stop abruptly when they get to the body close ups -  except for one blowjob scene in the beginning, which has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the film.

It stars Tina Spathi, a softcore actress who did only about a dozen of these films but seems to have earned a cult reputation. She has also tried singing. This Tina Spathi is not to be confused (as IMDb has done) with a Greek porn
performer going under the name Katerina Spathi, who has starred in hardcore films. The name "Spathi" has been used repeatedly, because it attracts attention.

Tina Spathi
Anta Vartholomaiou
Hardcore insert







Today we take the Time Machine back to 1992 for "Bikini Summer 2." This movie probably has some of the worst acting ever put on film. But nudity it has. Here's Avalon Anders showing off her Robo-Hooters in some fetish scenes playing a dominatrix.

Melinda Armstrong is a clean freak as she seems to spend most of the movie in the shower. 








A legendary German theatre scandal: Eva Mattes naked on stage as Desdemona in a 1976 production of Othello directed by Peter Zadek.
Isabelle Huppert in Eaux Profondes
Isabelle Huppert in Eaux Profondes
Maria Baeumer in Heimliche Liebe
Nicole Ennemoser in "Schoen, dass es dich gibt"
Romy Schneider in Le Train
Sabine Sinjin in Marili
Stefanie Frischeis in Conny und die verschwundene Ehefrau
Stefanie Frischeis in Conny und die verschwundene Ehefrau
Stefanie Frischeis in Conny und die verschwundene Ehefrau
Susan Stahnke in Balko: Der Verrat




L'été en pente douce (1987) is a nice French movie set in a village in the southern countryside. Basically there are three main characters: Fane (short for Stéphane; Jean-Pierre Bacri), his mentally handicapped brother Maurice (Jacques Villeret) and Lilas (Pauline Lafont). Fane first lives on his own in an apartment in a town. He obtains Lilas from his woman-bashing neighbor in exchange for a rabbit he stole from the supermarket where he works.
When the brothers' mother dies, Fane leaves the town and takes Lilas along to the village where he was born and moves in with Maurice in what was once their parents' house. He makes the move to prevent Maurice from being sent to an institution. That is not at all to the liking of their neighbors, two brothers who each own a garage on either side of the house. They had hoped to buy the house so they could turn their two garages into one big establishment.
Lilas is free-spirited woman who likes to flaunt what the Lord has given her, and likes to look like Marilyn Monroe. In such a small village she is immediately branded as a whore and never accepted by the community. No one seems to notice that she is not a threat to their lifestyle, since she only seems interested in Fane. Well, Maurice too, to be honest, but that's where she draws the line. She desperately wants children.
The question now is will the villagers succeed in driving Lilas out of town and go back to things as they used to be, or will our threesome turn out to be closer than they ever could imagine. Can the garage owners obtain the house or will everything end in a blast for them?
All in all "Summer in a Soft Slope," as the film's title would translate into English, is a quiet and nice little film, at times dragging its feet a bit, but never enough to reach for the fast forward button. It is never too serious, as all action seems to be set in an imaginary world where no one is the brightest bulb on the Chistmas tree. Therefore it never becomes hard to watch, since you know that everything is to be taken with a grain of salt.
Hats off to the DP for the lighting is simply beautiful, as you can see in the clips. The actors did a more than competent job with Jacques Villeret exceeding them all in the role of the mentally challenged Maurice. You can even see Claude Chabrol in a bit part as the local priest. Gérard Krawczyk directed and co-wrote. He is the guy who would later spawn the 3 popular Taxi films in Europe, which even caused a remake in the US starring Queen Latifah.
Pauline Lafont died under tragic circumstances in the summer of 1988. She was hiking completely on her own in some remote part of southern France. When she was on a trail where practically no human being ever passes, she had a nasty fall, slid off the track and broke a leg. Unable to get back to civilization (and with no cell phones back then), she died from starvation and her body was only found weeks later by the gendarmerie.

But enough of that, let us now enjoy Pauline Lafont in all her splendor. You can see her in all her naked triple B glory in ten clips. For some reason beyond my finite knowledge, there is no audio in clip 1 and it is certainly not from lack of trying. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)


A very tiny bit of nudity from Kate Hudson in The Skeleton Key  
Rare nudity from Lynn Redgrave in Calling the Shots  
I suppose this is the closest Geena Davis has come to screen nudity - basically none - in this deleted scene from Thelma and Louise  
Charlotte Gainsbourg in Charlotte Forever  
Lorena Meritano in Baño de Damas  
Andrea Montenegro in Baño de Damas (same pictures as above, different ID)  
Theresa Russell in Whore  
Shawn Weatherly in Amityville: It's About Time  
Naike Rivelli (she's Ornella Muti;'s daughter)  
This picture of Eliza Dushku has caused quite a stir on the 'net, although it is not clear exactly what is exposed.  
Pamela Anderson see-through. Boy, I guess this is just for completists.  
From the past summer - Stephanie Saunders caught by the paparazzi.  
The West Wing's Allison Smith in Los Años Bárbaros. Clean full frontal and rear nudity in daylight!  

Pat's comments in yellow...



Penn State University researchers studying the zebrafish discovered that a tiny change in one gene plays a big role in determining skin color. It could lead to new skin cancer treatments or ways to modify skin color without tanning or using chemicals. It might also explain why white people are white: people whose ancestors migrated from Africa to Europe thousands of years ago have a mutation in this gene that made their skin turn white.

* It turns out mutated genes also explain why white people like Kenny G.



Scientology sources told the Los Angeles Times that Tom Cruise underwent intensive training and counseling in the late 1980s and early 1990s at a secret compound in the Southern California desert, surrounded by barbed wire and security cameras. Ex-church members said most people didn't stay there long, but Tom and Nicole Kidman were there for weeks at a time as Tom studied the Thetan-based religion. They also reportedly had a staff of servants to cater to them 24 hours a day, even gardeners who planted a meadow of wildflowers in the desert for them to romp through. A church spokesman said the stories were fabricated by "apostates."

* That's Scientology lingo for "true."

* Most people left after a short time, but they were chased down and smothered by the big, bouncing balloons.



Babytalk magazine announced its awards for the most anti-mom celebrity behavior of the year. Nicolas Cage got the Worst Baby Name award for dubbing his son "Kal-El" after Superman. Bill Maher got the "Glow To Hell" Award for saying pregnant women aren't sexy; "You WERE sexy. That's what got you pregnant." Jude Law got the "Nanny Says It's Time For Bed" award for being caught by his kids while having sex with their nanny. And the top dishonor, the "Stinkiest Diaper of the Year Award" for the most anti-mom star, went to Tom Cruise for attacking Brooke Shields for taking medication for postpartum depression.

* You know it's a bad year for celebrity behavior when Russell Crowe doesn't even make the bad behavior list.



"King Kong" is #1 at the US box office with $67 million in its first five days, but that's about $15 million below expectations. A Universal Pictures spokesman offered several excuses: it's not a sequel with a built-in fan base like "Harry Potter," it's three hours long so it had fewer showings, and movies with no human heroes are always a tough sell. But he predicted it will stay in theaters a long time, like "Titanic," another three-hour movie with an underwhelming debut weekend.

* If only Kong had sung a Celine Dion song while beating his chest.