One Fish, Two Fish
Shelley Long in "Night Shift". The first real leap to national prominence for Shelley Long and Michael Keaton. Fairly funny movie about Keaton and the Fonz running a bordello out of the morgue. Shelley looked cute in her panties, but no flesh.

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A Clockwork Orange.
  • The rival gang rape scene (Gilliam Hills, I think) (#1 #2 #3),
  • The singin' in the rain scene (Adrienne Corri) (#1, #2, #3, #4)
  • He's "cured" (Virginia Wetherell) (#1, #2, #3, #4)

  • Yesterday: Nikki (#1 , #2 , #3 , #4) + Ever wonder what Playboy and Page Three models do when not modeling for Playboy or the British tabs? Fred does. Fred, or as he is known in the ancient Elventongue, "Frodo", specializes in "outing" the harder action from these ostensibly wholesome girls. His comments:

    Here we have Playboy NSS and video favorite Claudine Jennings again, this time using the name Cindy Ashton. I only have the two pics so I'll have to rely on the hyperbole of her video's producer to describe her video performance since I don't have the vocabulary to do it justice: "Cindy is 26, measures 34D-24-36, and is 5'3" tall. Exotic covergirl and centerfold model Cindy begins her new video with us wearing a sexy dress over garters and stockings. Cindy "gets down to business" right away, pulling her dress down to reveal those gorgeous BIG TITS, and then proceeds to show you EVERYTHING ELSE she's got! Cindy makes sure you get to see all those "points of interest" in shocking, close-up detail, FRONT and REAR! Cindy doesn't settle for just spreading. She's got a vibrator and a HUGE realistic dildo to FUCK HERSELF with! Cindy does her job so well that you can see her "cream" build up and then watch as her sticky, thick cum coats the dildo and her fingers as it oozes out of her just-fucked pussy! This is the REAL thing, and it's obvious that Cindy is "getting off" with her toys and fingers! Cindy sticks her fingers deep inside and coats them with her sticky juices, you won't believe how "wet" she is! 55 minutes."

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    AP The Cologne Comet has a couple of Grade B masterpieces for us this Sunday.
  • Alletta West in "Sex Safari" (#1, #2, #3)
  • Marion Valaitis in "Sex Safari". The haunting theme song: "Let's go fuckin' now, everybody's learning how, c'mon on safari with me." (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6)
  • "Electric Airways" (#1, #2, #3)
  • The Snapper GREAT STUFF. All nudes. Never seen any of them before. Snapper's comments:

    "Back at last with a few more scans. Hooray for art photography! How else would genuinely talented and/or good looking people be persuaded to get their kit off? This is a small selection from 'Nudes' by Rankin Waddell, who is the 'coming man' amongst UK fashion photographers. It features a combination of famous women and total unknowns who posed for him after answering an advert in the London listings magazine 'Time Out'. Rankin's advantage as a fashion photographer is that he is straight, and thus has an interest in making his models look good and get as naked as possible. Good man."

    Liza Walker Kate Moss Sadie Frost Sadie Frost

    PAL always tries to add to our collections
  • Barbara Eaton in "Fast Walking"
  • Elisabeth Brooks in "The Howling"
  • Kay Lenz in "Moving Violation"
  • Susan Harvey in "Caroline at Midnight"
  • SB Snowblind is a researcher, vidcapper, and professor of the request board at This is a rsponse to a massive request. New caps from "Femalien 2". Snowblind mentioned that he's not sure of the names of the non-stars, so if you know of any mistakes, contact him.

    Bethany Lorraine Bethany Lorraine Bethany Lorraine Bethany Lorraine Bethany Lorraine and Debra Summers Debra Summers Debra Summers vvarious minor characters Robbye Honeck Summer Leeds Summer & Savannah Vanesa Taylor (aka Vanesa Talor)

    Symian A Leslie Danon film festival.
  • "Sometimes They Come Back Again"
  • "Beach Balls"
  • "Beach Balls"

  • More.
  • Two topless Geri Halliwell, from her new book.
  • Halliwell
  • Crystal Bernard in Slumber Party Massacre
  • Helmut Newton photo of 'gitte, many years and many pounds ago
  • Casta cleavage
  • Casta in a diaphanous bottom
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