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Tricia Helfer shows her butt again in episode 3 of the Ascension mini-series in 720p.

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"United States of Tara"


today: season one, episode six

a body double for Rosemary DeWitt

More from the UK:

Belly of the Beast

Unidentified women show the most skin in Belly of the Beast (2003).

Elidh MacQueen,

Monica Lo

Malin Moberg

and Sara Malakul Lane are wearing very little.

House of Whipcord

The delectable Penny Irving shows the lot in the horror film House of Whipcord (1974).

Ann Michelle is topless

and Judy Robinson bares her butt.

Perfect Friday

The beautiful Ursula Andress leaves very little to the imagination in Perfect Friday (1970).

Lemon Tree Passage


Johnny's comments:

Lemon Tree Passage is a supernatural horror thriller where American tourists Maya (Jessica Tovey), her friend Amelia (Pippa Black) and her brother Toby (Tim Pocock) meet friends Geordie (Tim Phillipps) and Oscar (Andrew Ryan) on an Australian beach and they decide to hang out together. Oscar tells the Americans of a local legend at Lemon Tree Passage where a motorcyclist who was killed by speeding teenagers manifests as a ghostly image if teenagers are speeding where he died. They decide to test this out and a flash of light follows them down the road when they speed. The next night, Oscar is coaxed into finding out what the ghostly image is, but disappears, then reappears gassed to death in the boot of their car. Then, Toby and Amelia go missing when trying to find Oscar. Maya is also experiencing visions of an incident that happened at Lemon Tree Passage, but not the one they thought. Meanwhile, Geordie and Oscar's roommate Sam (Nicholas Gunn) is haunted by a ghostly presence that is becoming increasingly clear is related to what the others are experiencing and it wants him to stop their meddling.

Stock standard ghost horror movie that sets up an intriguing enough premise but blows it with the usual ghost revenge plot. Jessica Tovey is well cast in the lead and holds the movie together fairly well while the others aren't given much to do and the role of Sam is completely baffling. Was the ghost really taunting him the entire time? What a way to live...

Jessica Tovey film clips (no nudity; collages below)

Piera Forde film clip (sample below)

The Food Guide to Love


Johnny's comments:

The Food Guide To Love is an Irish romantic comedy where selfish food writer Oliver (Richard Coyle) is kicked out by another woman, this time completely naked. Outside, he meets Bibiana (Leonor Watling), who has his clothes and he is instantly in love. She is reluctant, but goes on a date with him and eventually falls for him. Oliver's relationships have a habit of fizzling out after six months, but Oliver is convinced that Bibiana is the one and then she does the something that changes their relationship completely. She becomes an animal activist and in turn becomes a vegan. Bibiana starts to act differently around him and resents his meat eating ways. It looks like another relationship is going to fizzle out, but Oliver does love Bibiana and he's not going to give up that easily.

OK movie that has two good lead performances, but feels like it would resonate more with foodies (I can't believe I wrote that word...). It seems a bit silly that a relationship can be defined by eating choices. But, what do I know?

Jade Yourell film clip (sample below)

TV and Film Clips

Shane Lynch in Men, Women and Children (2014) in 720p

Dawn Olivieri in Missionary (2013) in 720p

Carolina Guerra in Gallows Hill (2013) in 1080hd

Kate Dickie in Outcast (2010) in 720p


Nicki Minaj: minor wardrobe malfunction