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"Sleeper Cell"

season 2 (2006)


episode 4

Melissa Sagemiller film clip (samples below)




Waiting City


Radha Mitchell film clips

Collages below (minimal nudity):




Fay Wray in the original King King


Film Clips

Sandahl Bergman and The Governator in HD in Conan (1982)

Bree Robertson and Rachel Burns in Fragment in 1080p (2009)

The Vovchenko (sisters?) in 4 (Russia; 2005; samples below)

Nadja Bobyleva in Der Uranberg (Germany; 2010; sample below)

Abbey Lee Kershaw and Edita Vilkeviciute just kinda hanging out nekkid (sample below)

In Praise of Older Women, a Canadian film from the 70s, is a treasure-trove of celebrity nudity. Not only is it filled with scene after scene of women removing their clothing, but many of those women either were famous or became famous, and some of the exposure is at a career-best level. Helen Shaver, although frequently naked, never did anything else close to the beaver shot in this film. Susan Strasberg rarely showed anything.

So why do we discuss this infrequently in comparison to the other great nude-fests? Because there is no really excellent copy of the damned thing. Perhaps the lighting and sound were just plain bad to begin with. Perhaps there is no good master. Perhaps there's a gorgeous interneg somewhere, but nobody wants to screw around with it because there's no demand for the movie itself, which kinda sucks, although it had good moments. (My review)

I don't know. I have two different DVDs of this film, and they both suck canal water through a Slurpee straw.

But these clips do not solve the problem.

I don't mean to whine, since this is probably the best copy we've ever seen, but it's equivalent to a weak DVD in quality and the audio is spoiled by one of those annoying Russian over-dubs. Still and all, I enjoyed the clips, and I think you will as well: