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This is a European TV mini-series which updates the story of the famous young woman who won the heart of Kaiser Franz Joseph. Starting in the mid-fifties, the Sissi movies made Romy Schneider an international star. The first one was so popular that it spawned a handful of sequels. Romy played the part from 1955 to 1972, in six different films which covered a vast expanse of Sissi's life. 

This time around the role of Sissi (the future Empress Elizabeth) is played by Christiana Capotondi, and the series includes the nudity which could not be portrayed back in the 50s. Film clip here, sample below



(season 2, episode 13, 2009)

Jenny Mollen is the Lizzy Caplan of the year, as she provides us with ongoing nude scenes in Crash. Here she is again in episode 13 of the new series.

And from the theaters:


This is musical loosely based on Fellini's life, as portrayed in 8 1/2. It was touted as an Oscar contender until people actually saw it, whereupon it got reviews like this:

"The rotten music is exacerbated by the cast of non-professionals trying to sing and dance and a director who substitutes quick cuts and loudness for choreography and voice."

"A musical that is hideously naff, shallow, creepingly misogynist, badly acted and as phoney as a three-lire bill."

"Nine represents the kind of colossal misfire that killed the movie musical back in the late '60s."

No nudity, but big stars showing most of their chests ...

... Marion Cotillard

... Penelope Cruz

... Fergie



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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








Aimee and Jaguar


Part 2

Juliane Kohler film clip

samples below

Lesbian love story in Nazi Germany. Scoop's notes here. (With some pictures)





Dann's comments:

After doing Reborn, the 2009 sequel to 2006's Machined, I decided to see what the first one was like. Like the sequel, it's a direct-to-video B-movie slasher flick all the way, however, what stands out in the original, just as it did in the sequel, is David C. Hayes portrayal of Motorman Dan, the evil genius behind the half-man half-machine killer of the flick. He is a funny and compelling character in an otherwise low-grade horror flick. Writer-Director Craig McMahon also seems to have a talent for finding actresses with nice boobs.

Motorman Dan collects parts in his junkyard, but some of the parts are people, and what he winds up with is half-machines that he teaches to kill. He enjoys watching the mayhem on a series of closed circuit cameras he has installed. People come, but they never go.

That's the whole plot, and it is pretty dumb like the sequel, but like the sequel, Hayes' performance is worth seeing.


Nessa Hawkins


Sarah Jessica Parker made some bad choices here, involving a windy and damp day, a too-clingy too-sheer dress, and some flimsy to non-existent underclothes. Uncharacteristically for me, I find her sexy here.


Film Clips

They don't make nude scenes like this any more. Probably one of the all-time top ten: Valerie Kaprisky in La Femme Publique. Damn, I miss the 80s.

South Korea's Hye-seong Jeon in A Woman Is The Future Of Man

Isabelle Renaud in Perfect Love

Rosie Jones is back again. This time she's doing a topless hula.

Sook-Yin Lee, the chick from Shortbus, is back with more exposure in Toronto Stories

Ivet Corvea in Run Bitch Run (samples below)

Christina DeRosa in Run Bitch Run (samples below)


Alana de la Garza in El Segundo (samples below)

Helen Cris in El Segundo (samples below)

Finally, there's Christiane Paul in Workaholic. If you like big boobs and find Mimi Rogers too old, here's your gal. The first sample, below left, will give you the picture. Six film clips here, matching the samples below.