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"Obsession Kills" (1995)

What do you call a film with absolutely terrible acting from all characters, the merest excuse for a lame plot, one location, and a very grainy transfer?

(Scoopy's guess: The English Patient?)

The answer: Obsession Kills. It is the quintessential bad soft-core:

  1. Bad acting
  2. Bad plot
  3. Both over and under exposed photography obscuring the nudity
  4. No pace
  5. Tepid love scenes

Lisa Comshaw buys a house in California, and inherits a young couple along with the house. She does some cooking and gardening, he does the heavier maintenance, and gives Lisa wet dreams. His girlfriend, Carrie Genzel is the jealous type. When a private investigator shows up looking for the previous owner, we suspect that some jealous French girl with no French accent (Carrie) may have a way of eliminating those in her way. The reason we suspect that is that they show us in a dream sequence.

Fewer than 5 people have voted at IMDB, and there are no reviews available. Looks like this is a justifiably forgotten film. Why, you might ask did I watch it? It was the breast thing handy this morning.

  • Thumbnails, part 1
  • Thumbnails, part 2

  • Lisa Comshaw (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24)
  • Carrie Genzel (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)
  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)
    I forgot to mention yesterday. "The Hot Dog Girls" is also known as "Jane Austen's Hot Dog Girls"

    Here's a new-to-me site with vidcaps and videos, French and otherwise

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS, early, since I'll be away a few days. Holiday greetings to all of you, but especial thanks and merriment from the Scoopy's to the following:

    1. To all of you readers who have been around since the very beginning. Every once in a while, I get a letter from one of you guys who's been around since the page was on AOL, and I can't believe you've been reading every word we've written for five years, you maniacs.

    2. To RDO, spiritual father of so many of us. Back in the early days, some people would cap the common movies with the big stars, but only RDO was out there looking to verify or refute the obscure claims, or uncover the forgotten. Because of RDO's groundbreaking, so many guys (including me) have discovered the joy of finding the obscure bit of flesh in the forgotten film. Thanks also to all you other guys who like to do the same thing.

    3. To Tuna, who never misses a day, and has done something like 10,000 spectacular and ever-improving images for us, helps out with UNIX, writes the page when needed, what else is there? And who else would capture The Wizard of Oz and The Music Man? There is no official tally of these things, but I think Tuna is now the fourth most prolific imager in the history of the internet, and he's only been doing it a year and a half! He's produced about 10,000 images in maybe 500 days - 20 per day. In comparison, I've produced about 15,000 under various names, but over the course of about 1800 days (maybe 8 per day), so Tuna should pass me soon. The all-time kings are Scanman (somewhere over 20,000) and Graphic Response (Don't know how many. More than 10,000, less than Scanman). Both of them have been doing it several years.

    4. And to PAL - how many years is it now? - always great finds, bright colors, clear caps, something to look forward to every weekend.

    5. To Helcrom, who has been contributing for so many years (more than 1000 collages now - about 9 frames per collage!), was the first guy ever to send "signed" material to us, and who is Scoopy Jr's personal hero.

    6. To all the other guys who contribute other kinds of material to us, and get no reward other than a free membership, and especially to the guys who contribute exclusively to us: let me mention Brainscan by name, since he's around with pictures almost every day, and writes solid commentary as well. And ZenGuru, who does such gorgeous collages from that runway material.

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    11. Our old friends missing in action: Greetings and thanks to Stone Cold, wherever you are, we miss your crazy rants about fucking Hillary Clinton and decorating the crack ho's for Christmas, even though we didn't understand half of what you said. And to Blinky, wherever you are, thanks for educating us on the world of the runways. And to Realist, wherever you are, you created a style that so many have copied (especially me). And to Frodo, wherever you are, for imparting your vast knowledge of babes and their various aliases. To ICMS, wherever you are, I really miss your wit and knowledge of film trivia. To El Kabong, wherever you are, thank you for that trip through the legendary scandals, and for sharing your collection with us. To DB, the king of naked opera, wherever you are, you must be the most unusual imager on the planet, and I hope there is Mozart playing where you can hear it.

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    16. And especially to any guys who send material exclusively to us, - many thanks, even if I forgot to mention your name, ....

    Happy Holidays

    Today's stuff: I watched Sacrifice. OOPS! Poor co-ordination between me and Tuna, and we both managed to pick a film with no reviews, no votes, and no comments at IMDB. I can't come with any good reason for you to see this odd movie, unless you love Jamie Luner and want to see her very well-toned and highly-freckled body in a dark sex scene. I really like her muscular bod, but frankly, Scarlett, it's too dark to see her body freckles. Half the time you can't even see the ones on her face in the close-ups. I had to do tons of image manipulation on these, and they still stink. It's an odd film - what is it? A crime thriller? A revenge thing? An offbeat love story? A pro-choice polemic? I don't know, but it's poorly lit, poorly transferred to DVD, and very poorly acted except for Michael Madsen, who dependably plays his usual character.

    Jamie Luner (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

    Michele White (1, 2, 3)

    Leslie Harter

    just for fun, note the footwear that Jamie Luner wears to walk through the swamps in Georgia and Northern Florida.


    Ana Claudia Michels
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
    I'm lost on this one. I guess it's model Ana Claudia Michels playing the part of Savannah in Deep End II. I know who Savannah was - the beautiful porn actress who committed suicide (presumably) at 23. But I never heard of "Deep End II" - maybe just a magazine concept? i don't know. Cool stuff, though!

    One more of Michels this one from the new Pirelli calendar, Blackshine's version

    Corinne Bohrer (1, 2) in "Inconceivable" - t-shirt shots
    Nichole Martiano topless in the cinema classic "noangels.com"

    (1, 2)
    Two views of Sarah Jessica Parker in "State and Main". The first from Dufcap, the rest from Beercaps
    Producers of the British TV show "Top of the Pops" say that in 37 years on the air, they've never seen a more pretentious diva than Jennifer Lopez. Booked to lip-synch two songs, Lopez arrived with an entourage of 60, including 11 decorators to fill the 10 dressing rooms she demanded with white silks, lace and orchids. Among her demands were a pure white microphone and stand, and that her personal hairdresser run the wind machine during her performance. She did get a warm response from the studio audience, but a third of them were her entourage.

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