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Candyman 3 Again

Discussed the movie yesterday, and showed the D'Errico collages. The most interesting thing about these collages is that Elizabeth Hayes looks very much like Hilary Clinton without the tree-trunk legs. There is quite a bit of nudity, somewhat compensating for the dreary and predictable movie.

Hilary Clinton Elizabeth Hayes Lara Mazur Rena Riffel Alexia Robinson (not nude)

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One Fish, Two Fish
It's Jack Lord day. Sorry, scratch that, it's a day for TRACY Lords firsts here in the tunafish can. Tuna caught her in "Not of this Earth", her first legitimate movie. As a bonus (not from Tuna), there are also a couple of caps from "Tracy, I Love You", the first movie she made after he stopped being a minor.

Tracy in "Not of this Earth", looking a lot likw Rebecca deMornay and nothing like that guy on Hawaii 5-0 Tracy in "Not of this Earth" Tracy in "Not of this Earth" Tracy in "Not of this Earth" Belinda Grant in "Not of this Earth"

NOT from Tuna: Tracy in "Tracy, I Love You" Tracy in "Tracy, I Love You"

All Kirsty Hume today, except the last one, which may or may not be. Blinky also reported that FMI is back up and running. Number one is very beautiful. (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, unknown)

Members' bonuses. Easy Rider.

Easy Rider

You old farts, get the DVD and listen to the music. Fast forward through all scenes unless they have Nicholson, music, or nudity. Don't watch the movie. if you are like me, you probably have fond memories of it, and frankly, it bites the big one.

You young farts, Easy Rider was the Blair Witch Project of its own time. Made with a budget smaller than the amount the average family spends on Pop-Tarts. Many scenes acted with amateur actors - local guys who happened to be standing around watching the filmmaking. Actually, some of those yokels were better than Peter Fonda. Production values about z-minus. But there were lines to get in the movie. It tapped into the Zeitgeist like no other film of its era.

See, here's the deal: back in those days, the counter culture had this guilt-free enjoyment of soft drugs and casual sex and long hair and the rejection of moral and civil authority. Problem was that we couldn't spend all of our time on campus or in Amsterdam. We had to move through the real world, where a lot of people thought we were Communists and fairies and drug addicts. These people abused us a lot, mostly verbally, but there was the omnipresent threat of physical harm as well, especially in places like the American South. Easy Rider scored big by ratifying our lifestyle choice, by telling us that our paranoia was real, and by making the threat vivid and fatal.

The movie still has its good points. The music is a perfect sampler from the era. Jack Nicholson first came to national prominence in this movie, and he was terrific, just so natural and convincing. He stood out even more then, because nobody had ever seen him before unless they were into cheap horror and biker flicks

Because of all the things I said earlier, this movie is a perfect history lesson. If you really want to see the world through the eyes of the counter-culture, this will teach you what you can never get from a book. You'll be disappointed, as most of us were with ourselves later on. My generation thought we would be the greatest generation of man since the Age of Reason. We idealists, first inspired by President Kennedy's call to join the Peace Corps, shaped by our resentment of America's Asian imperialism, viewed our cultural revolution as equal to the big one. The one that caused the idealists and activists of the 18th century to set in motion a dream that would assert the rights of every man, assure upward class mobility in free lands, and eventually overthrow the old tyrants forever.

Well, we didn't make it, we didn't turn out to be Madison and Jefferson and Voltaire. Not by a long shot. We didn't even give the world as much as our parents' generation, whose shallow values we scorned. They kicked the demonic asses of the new tyrants, and built a prosperous post-war economy. We made some progress against imperialism and for civil rights and individualism, but we came up short in the long run. Most of us turned out to spend more time thinking about our Porsches than the downtrodden. So it goes, guys. Our hearts were in the right places, but Phil Ochs ain't marchin' anymore.

If you watch Easy Rider you'll see a bit of why we fucked up. How we tolerated dangerous drugs because it was an anti-establishment thing to do. How we established new microcosmic social orders in our communes which turned out to be just as stratified as those in the world we denied. How a lot of our opposition to imperialism was based not on poltical awareness, but just a desire not to go to war ourselves. How our deep consciousness was not based on study and thought, like Jefferson and Voltaire, but on the false subconsciousness of acid and pot. The 18th century revolutionaries were trying to figure out a cause worth dying for. We were just trying to avoid dying.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Sabrina Scharf was the woman who went skinny-dipping with Dennis Hopper in the commune. Toni Basil was the woman who romped around naked in the Mardi Gras LSD sequence. These are probably the best-ever caps of that sequence, because it's new to DVD, and DVD allows us to create larger and sharper images, as well as to pinpoint the frames quite precisely. A lot of these were intercut with other images in a hallucinatory sequence.

Karen Black was also in that Mardi Gras sequence, but kept her clothes on.

Sabrina Scharf

Toni Basil

Karen Black

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Sweet! A complete, thorough upgrade of Madchen Amick in "Dream Lover". She was surely lookin' fine in this flick.

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Yesterday: Abby (#1 , #2 , #3 , #4)

The babe from the past is Jenny Blyth, 8 September, 1986.

+ Ever wonder what Playboy and Page Three models do when not modeling for Playboy or the British tabs? Fred does. Fred, or as he is known in the ancient Elventongue, "Frodo", specializes in "outing" the harder action from these ostensibly wholesome girls. His comments:

Both of these ladies are Classic Page 3 and Playboy NSS Models. When last we saw Shanine Linton she was on a table top at the Circus Tavern. Here she and Jo Guest are entertaining a friend. The folks at Playboy seemed most impressed with the fact that Jo was born in born in Arles, Provence (France). They never mentioned her legendary international sex star career. By the way, yesterday's Sara St James pictorial was with Nikki Frame, not Nikki Fritz.

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The Eye Maelstrom's Eye has four of Kim Smith from "Gear". Kim fills out a sweater beautifully, but keeps her clothes on. (#1, #2, #3, #4)

Members' bonuses. Caligula.


I'm talked out on this movie. Lots o' flesh. Here's the last few. Zillions more in earlier editions Theresa Ann Savoy as Drusilla, Caligula's sister and incestuous lover

Mirella D'Angelo as a virgin bride that Caligula insisted on having on her wedding day before her husband got there. Of course, Caligula was an equal-opportunity pervert and buggered her husband as well (the movie just shows him sticking a fist up the guy's butt. I guess even Malcolm Mcdowell has some standards.)

Adriana Asti as Ennia, Macro's wife and Caligula's lover. She bathed daily in sperm.

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  • Four from Akira. Kirsten Dunst and others in Drop Dead Gorgeous (non-nudes). Others
  • ... Dunst
  • ... Dunst
  • ... Dunst
  • Three non-nudes from HTE 99. First two are Denise Richards in Empire
  • more Denise
  • Four from HBS. First, a very good one of that Franzi van Almsick action shot with the unintentional rear-view exposure.
  • Nina Hoss in "Das Maedchen Rosemarie". Good vidcaps: nice colors, sharp images.
  • Sabine Petz in "Medicopter 117"
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